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    Really people? Some of you actually would have a problem losing to a female character?

    This really shouldn't even be a bigass debate really.

    If Female wrestler X is doing quality promos, arguably 1 of the better characters and doing a hell of a lot more hard work/outstanding promos then Male wrestler Y why in the hell wouldn't she be beating characters that aren't as good? Why wouldn't she win big titles? Because you suffer from the sin of Pride too much? For shame.

    I'm 100% for women beating VHX, even beating him for titles or making him tap out like a bitch. If you've earned it, you've earned it.
    I really appreciate that Van . The whole e-fed experience is suppose to be about having fun and I feel sometimes people take it too seriously. In my opinion, the whole taboo of men hitting women comes from the general concept that women are not as strong as men and aren't able to defend themselves which makes it abuse, however, in the case of a woman who does not meet that criteria and is more than capable of defending herself then it's not abuse at all, specially in a wrestling scenario. I once again stress the fact that there aren't many women in e-fedding and even the guys with female characters rarely do IC'ing as their female characters which in turn leaves the rare female e-fedder unable to contribute much to the IC'ing as she has nobody to do it with. That hasn't been an issue for me when I've played as Athena as my "target audience" has changed and become wider.

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