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    Quote Originally Posted by Torphy View Post
    That's not really what GG is asking for though. It's not at all unrealistic for a well built, athletic and strong female wrestler to be able to sell a good match with male wrestlers.

    Put it this way, if people are so against a man facing a woman then opt out. I can't see IWA, BITW or any fed forcing anyone into a feud they don't want. Above all else people shouldn't forget that this isn't real, professional wrestling isn't real, your character isn't actually going to be hitting a girl.. it's all scripted!
    Exactly. I have nothing against the Athena character, as I frankly think its different. My only problem is thinking of who I could have her feud with, that the other person might not make a stink ya know? But if i were to start a feud with Athena and another male star and the user didn't like the idea, I'd of course have that character bow out of the feud.

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