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    My Fav 5

    1. Chris Benoit- I'm able to look past the murder/suicide that really put a huge dent on his wrestling career. Chris was one of the most gifted technical wrestlers I had to pleasure of watching. Not great on the mic but damn could this man go out there and put on a wrestling clinic. He was and always will be my favorite wrestler of all-time.

    2. Eddie Guerrero- Eddie Guerrero was a class act inside of the ring and outside of the ring as well. It's amazing to look back at this man's career and just how well he progressed from his ECW days till his final days with the WWE. Truly talented on the mic and had the ability to make anyone look good in the ring.

    3. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin- Not one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, but as an entertainer it doesn't get much better then "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Face it when you think of Attitude Era he's the first guy that probably comes to mind. He has some of the most memorable wrestling moments ever. From his famous beer bath to his blood bath match he had with Bret Hart, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was one of the most entertaining wrestlers to step foot into a ring.

    4. The Miz- My current favorite WWE superstar. Many dislike him and many like him. When he first started with WWE I thought this guy was a joke being from the tv show the Real World of course. As the years went on, I realized how talented this guy is and just how far he came in such a short amount of time. He's one of the most enjoyable guys on the mic to me currently in the WWE and his wrestling skills have gotten much, much better as time has progressed. I hope he gets another solid run with the WWE title again.

    5. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat- I instantly became a huge Ricky Steamboat fan after watching his match with Randy Savage from WrestleMania III. It's still one of my all-time favorite matches. And his matches with Ric Flair are not to be forgotten as well as they are just as entertaining. His arm-drags are simply a thing of beauty. Looking foward to what his son Richie is capable of doing in the big time. I've seen him wrestle many times here in Florida and he's got the skill set.


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