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    Your all time Fave 5

    This is just like a fave 5 I made awhile ago but this is just your all time fave 5 it can include legends, our wrestlers of today from any organizations. Heres mine:

    Mick Foley- Growing up Mick Foley was always my favorite wrestler, his promos as mankind gave me goosebumps, and when he is cactus jack or mick foley you can feel the conviction he gives and each promo and its almost as if he believed it. He even made me laugh when he was Dude Love. It remains the day Mick Foley won the WWE title as my favorite moment in wrestling history, I thought wow he made it, and deserved it. His hardcore matches will never be topped and he has put his body on the line for the fans each and every night he stepped between the ropes.

    Raven- Raven is another favorite of mine. I feel Raven is gravely underrated by many, his character was excellent and he played it perfectly. His promos were always great and intelligent, and he has been part of some of the greatest rivalries in ECW history with the likes of Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman. Even in TNA he was still one of the darkest characters in the company, and his promos were always different and unique (check out the one called Raven promo on DDP) and I felt his quote "Quoth The Raven, 'Nevermore" will forever be my favorite quote used in wrestling history.

    Diamond Dallas Page- BANG! Diamond Dallas Page my favorite wrestler in WCW history with one of the coolest finishers ever. His diamond cutter could be hit at any angle, and I always marked out whenever he hit it. DDP was so cool, that was the reason I bought Ready to Rumble in the first place. Know one marked out as much as I did when he made a return to the company against Heath Slater and nailed his Diamond Cutter one last time. DDP is a great wrestler, and a great person helping various people with his yoga, and inspirational speeches such as Scott Hall.

    Chris Jericho- Y2J Chris Jericho is to me the best all-round wrestler in WWE history. He can play the top heel and the top face. His debut in the WWF is probably the greatest one in history, and he has put many classic matches from his days at ECW with guys like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Malenko. All the way to WWE when he has put on some will say 5 star matches with Shawn Michaels (multiple times), Rey Mysterio, and CM Punk. Chris Jericho is one of the best talkers in the business, and as a heel (especially around 2009-2010) would probably get the most heat night in and night out. He will always be one of my favorite wrestlers because I always love seeing him in the ring, on the mic, and I always love his epic returns which are always highly anticipated especially by me.

    AJ Styles- Yep. AJ Styles the guy that to me, helped put TNA on the map. I remember watching AJ Styles for the first time and thinking this guy was just great, and each week I would tune in to see what incredible move would Styles do next. His ability to have great matches with almost everyone in the company giving us incredible moment after incredible moment. Whether it be wrestling the 300 pound abyss and lifting him up for his styles clash, our Kurt Angle putting on some of the best technical matches we have seen in the last 10 years, or in the X-Division putting on some of the best high-flying matches with Samoa Joe and Daniels. AJ Styles is one of my all-time favs because he is the sole reason I started watching TNA, I loved his entrance, I loved his matches, and I truly feel to me he will always be the true Mr.TNA.


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