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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Yup fillers are annoying

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    Especially when you have to post 5 or more

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    Footbal>American Football

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    Giddy is back and he smells, no just jk

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    Hope you will enjoy the show.

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    Attachment 4048

    Grand Prix #3 Rage in the Cage roster:

    Artemis Eclipse


    Sagittarius Blue

    Chris Divine

    Chris Diamond



    Brock Edwards

    Quarterfinal Round Steel Cage Match:
    Week 1:

    Artemis Eclipse vs Avidico

    Quarterfinal Round Steel Cage Match:
    Week 2:

    Jman vs Shaz

    Quarterfinal Round Steel Cage Match:
    Week 1:

    Sagittarius Blue vs Brock Edwards

    Quarterfinal Round Steel Cage Match:
    Week 2:

    Chris Divine vs Chris Diamond

    Semifinal Round Steel Cage Match:
    Week 3:

    Sagittarius Blue or Brock Edwards vs Chris Divine or Chris Diamond

    Semifinal Round Steel Cage Match:
    Week 3:

    Artemis Eclipse or Avidico vs Jman or Shaz

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    Chris Mason: We welcome you to EWN Grand Prix. We are live from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Ne York. Hello everyone I'm Chris Mason and my partner as always Jack Madison. Jack last week Kyojin and Hawk gave their best selves in their own country but it was Hawk who left the arena as the EWN Grand Prix #2 Champion.

    Jack Madison: First of all glad to be here. Last week's final was an insane match and fans were on fire from the start of the show. It was simply the case of who is the better man and last week Hawk proved to the whole world that is not only the best wrestler but is also the best Japanese star.

    Chris Mason: Kyojin is the 2012 superstar of the year

    Jack Madison: Yeah that was last year.

    Mason: Aaaaanyway. Tonight is the first week of Grand Prix 3: Rage in the Cage. And tonight three former competitors return to get a second chance to become the Grand Prix champion. Also for the first time the best highflyer of Mexico will get a taste of the Grand Prix tournaments.

    Madison: Well yeah that is what makes this tournament so special, everyone gets a second chance and everyone gets to see dream matches come true. Avidico and the Grand Prix 1 finalist Eclipse wanted to face each other and they will.

    Mason: That is our main event for the night but first Brock Edwards and Sagittarius Blue two Grand Prix 1 competitors are back. Fun fact is that both men were eliminated from the two guys who moved in the finals of Grand Prix 1. But this is the last chance they have to win the tournament.

    Sagittarius Blue

    *Linkin Park's "Faint" plays loud - and the crowd is on their feet as a certain Royal Rockstar makes his return to the EWNGP. The music plays... and Sagittarius Blue appears on the ramp to the crowd's overwhelming delight. He explodes with excitement and anticipation, racing down the ramp and springing into the ring.*

    Sagittarius Blue: It's been a long time, hasn't it? *crowd cheers in response* It's been forever since I competed in the EWN Grand Prix. Hell of a contest, I will say. The fiercest wrestling competition ever. And I'm not ashamed to say... I did not come out on top. *pauses* I'm not proud to say that I lost... but I'm not ashamed to say it either. It happens. If you get knocked down, you get your ass right back up. Basic life lesson. What doesn't kill you makes you that much stronger.

    And that's what brings me here... back to the EWN Grand Prix.

    I came to pick up where I left off. I came... to win the EWNGP.

    *crowd pop*

    I won't lie. Mistakes were made. *crowd chants "Call of Duty" and Sag laughs at the reference* Yeah, I dominate on that game too. Prestiged twice in a week! But like I said, mistakes were made. And I'm glad that I had the chance to learn from the experience. Whether it's Israel Pamich or anybody else, the result will be very different. It's a little different now guys... since you all last saw me, I've been training, training, TRAINING my ass off. And I'm ready to show you -

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    Brock Edwards

    *Just then out comes Brock Edwards with a mic. He smiles directly at Sagittarius Blue.*

    Brock: Don't fear everyone, there is no longer the need to flip the channel. The most interesting man in the history of wrestling has finally come back to the EWN Grand Prix. That would be, me; Brock Edwards. I know what most of you are thinking right now and that's, "Damn I wish I was Brock Edwards!".

    *The crowd begin to Edwards, but Brock smiles back and flicks everyone off.*

    Brock: Hahaha.... I can feel the envy from all you pathetic worms. You see for a long time now, I've always compared you to one man. That man is, Sagittarius Blue. You wanna know why?

    *Crowd, "What?".*

    Brock: I see you all brought your originality with you all today. Oh wait, you didn't cause you too damn stupid to even come up with a relevent chant. However, ignoring the idiots at a attendence here tonight. I was saying you, Sagittarius, are a modern day Dusty Rhodes. That ain't a compliment by any means whatsoever. This people treat you as an equal and you do the same. You make this people cheer and yell your name through out the arena.

    *The crowd begin to scream and chant Sagittarius Blue's name just like Brock said.*

    Brock: What I did I tell you. They love you man. Can you feel their energy flowing through you? Cause like Dusty, you are an American Dream. And just like Dusty, you both were and still are.... weak. You wanna know why you both are weak? Cause you listen to the people and that easily makes you both idiots. You need the people to survive, because you know without them you can't due it. You rely on them and cause of that you can't think for yourself. I mean you even play Call of Duty with them. How much more pathetic can you get man? Have you truly lost all self-respect for yourself?

    *The crowd boo more at Brock and scream "Fuck You Brock".*

    Brock: Well, fuck you too. I don't like any of you as well.

    *Sagittarrius picks up his mich to speak, but gets cut off by Brock.*

    Brock: I ain't done talking, Sagittarius Blue. Okay, now I am.

    Sagittarius Blue: That's good. Because you do a lot of that. Talking, I mean. *makes a 'yap yap' motion with free hand* Which is kinda funny for a guy like you, the so-called "asskicking machine." I thought a guy like you would focus more on actually doing something as opposed to boring people to death. I think that's the main - or only - reason you do this whole shtick: the only reaction you can get from people is hate. If you couldn't piss people off, you'd be about as interesting as watching turtles sleep.

    For instance: you saying everyone wishes they were you. Projecting your over-inflated ego onto everyone within earshot. Because everyone wants to be a hairless gorilla with a thyroid disorder. Yay. Maybe it hasn't occurred to you that people are actually happy with who they are. Maybe it hasn't occurred to you that people actually DON'T want to be you. Or anything like you... brash, overbearing, rude, ignorant, and overall... *thinks for a moment, rubbing chin* a dick. Maybe you're just trying your hardest to irk people so you can build up some faux "everyone hates me so I'm a badass" rep. Or... maybe you're just that simple. Take your pick.

    And you're really running down Dusty Rhodes? A man who was a wrestling icon and is now a legend in our day? A man who showed everyone that you can succeed - you can thrive - no matter where you're from and who you are? *turns and looks at Edwards angrily* A man who paved the way for so many wrestlers, even to our time? *dramatic pause* I always knew you were a disrespectful prick... but you never cease to amaze me how low you can go. You go so low that snakes have to high-step over you!

    Sagittarius Blue: And Call of Duty? Seriously? *looks at crowd* I mean, seriously? *crowd goes 'what?'* Taking shots at one of the biggest shooter games in the world? *what?* Is that because you suck at shooters, Brock? *what?* Is it because the only first-person shooter you're good at is when you're watching porn all by yourself and you're getting that itch... *what?* and you try to scratch it... with your palm *what?* and you actually start to do something uncharacteristic - you feel good about yourself... *what?* and you feel it coming, and you try to aim at the TV screen... AND YOU STILL MISS! *WHAT?* Thank God you don't play video games - I wouldn't touch a controller after you. Get some disinfectant.

    I have plenty of self-respect for myself, bub. I'm not you, after all. And if I get my hands on you... again... you really WILL be done talking. At least until they take the wires out of your mouth.

    *Brock begins to smile to himself.*

    Brock: I find it funny you take the Dusty Rhodes comparision as a good thing. You should know that Dusty in WCW was nothing different than Hulk Hogan. And that's what you are going to end up as..... a weak.. pathetic.. old man. Nothing more, nothing less. You like to show the good side to people just like the men I mentioned. However, just like them. You have a dark sde and this is a side you hide to people. Cause behind those curtains you are what you proclaim me as.... a bully. You pick on people, but not only that you kiss up to management, so you get what you want. Well, that won't happen here against me.

    Also, you want to talk of how much "I" suck at Call of Duty. Fine by me. I just want you to know that I'm the troll who keeps making fun of you and stopping you from making any kills. Just like I will also stop you from advancing this tournament. Cause you're a noob, Sagittarius. *Crowd begins to chant "Brock is a noob" over and over.* Don't be mad cause I also troll you guys. I mean I'm much better than all of you obviously.

    I will end this little conversation by saying, I won't hurt you. I will destroy you limb by limb. You can be sure of that. This tournament is mine for the taking cause I won't let anything get in my way. Not you or anyone else participating here in Grand Plix #3. Cause the first one should have been mine, but a no name won it. However, I won't deny you and me have been down this pathway before and we don't intent do go down again. But, you are just onr thing in my towards my greatness. Get ready cause here I come!

    *Brock drops the mic and runs toward the ring.*

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    Mason: Well this should be interesting.

    Madison: This is the first steel cage match in the history of Grand Prix. And this two amazing talents in the ring will make history tonight.

    *Cooper is in the ring for the introductions*

    Mark Cooper: The following quarterfinal round match is a Steeeeel Caaaaage match , the winner of the match will advance to the semifinal round of EWN Grand Prix. Introducing first from Athens, Georgia Sagittarius Bluuuueeeee!

    *Fans cheering Blue's name*

    Mark Cooper: And he's opponent from Minneapolis, Minesota Brrrroooocckk Eeeedwaaaards!

    *Fans are chanting Fuck you Brock*

    Mason: The fans are clearly behind Sagittarius Blue.

    Madison: What makes you say that?

    *Mason turns his attention towards Madison and he has a "what the fuck look in his face*

    (Batista/Brock vs Rey/Blue start from 2:25 and stop at 6:15)

    Brock connects with a big boot right on the head of Blue. He is in control and he takes his time to taunt the fans and then he continues stomping the body of Blue. Brock takes a few steps back and readies himself for the spear. Blues slowly gets up and Brock charges. Blue is able to move out of the way and Brock spears the steel cage, head first on the steel and his head is busted open. The face of Edwards is immediately covered with blood.

    Madison: First blood Chris, just like Rambo.

    Mason: This is what the steel cage does to the bodies of these men. Tearing the flesh.

    Blue climbs the top rope and waits Brock to get up. Brock gets up and he is a bloody mess. Blue goes for the crossbody but Brock is able to catch him, he turns his back to the steel cage and throws Blue to the steel cage with the Fallaway Slam. Brock is on his feet and wipes the blood of his face. The fans are chanting once again " Fuck you Brock". He flips the bird to the fans and tries to climb the steel Cage. Blue is moving towards the door and crawls his way to the outside. The door is open and Blue tries to get out. Brock is climbing but he is not that high to escape first. Brock stopped climbing and now he is back down in the ring. Blue is almost there he touches the floor with his hands. Brock smashes the steel door in the face of Sag. He pulls him from the legs in the center of the ring and then picks him up. He now picks him on his shoulders and connects with the Next(F-5). Brock goes for the cover...

    Madison: Brock strikes with the Next. He is gonna do it.




    Blue barely kicks out before three and Brock is pissed. The fans are chanting for Blue to get up. Brock gets and up grabs Sag from the hair to pick him up. He gets in the face of Blue and says to him "Stay down you son of the bitch". Brock starts laughing and the blood from his face covers his teeth in red. Blue barely can stay on his feet. Brock connects with a kick to the midsection first and then picks him up again for the Next. He goes for the Next but Blue counters with a spinning DDT. And now both men are down...

    Mason: Sagittarius Blue refuses to stay down. The will and determination for the win are keeping him alive in this match.

    Sag tries to cover Brock, but he shoves him way. Both men slowly get on their feet simultaneously. Brock goes for the closeline but Blue ducks and as Brock turn Blue starts striking him with the Sagittarius Special (Mui Tai kicks, elbows and Punches to head and body). Brock is dazed after these wild shoots and then Blue comes from the ropes first with a dropkick to the knees and then with a football kick on the head of Brock. Blue covers...




    Mason: Brock kicks out, its really hard to beat that man.

    Madison: Brock is a beast Chris, pains means joy for him.

    Brock kicks out and Blue realizes that the only way to win is to escape the cage. He goes to the opposite side of the cage to climb. Brock realizes that Blue is trying to escape and and gets up. Blue is standing on the ropes and now starts climbing the cage. Brock climbed the nearest corner and grabbed the leg of Blue and pulled him down. Blue is now standing on the ropes and Brock connects with a big punch. Both men are still up there and now Brock picks Blue up on his shoulders to hit him again with the Next from the top rope. Sagittarius quickly tries to escape and with a few punches and elbows to the head he does. Blue is back on the ropes, he hits Brock with two kicks on the left knee, Brock slips and goes down hard on the turnbuckle. Blue jumps on the shoulders of Brock and connects with a huge Frankensteiner, sending Brock down hard to the canvas. Blue with all the power he has tries to get on his feet. He screams to the ref to open the door. The ref opens the door and the fans go nuts. Brock is far away and he is not moving. Blue is close and he finally escapes from the steel door.

    Cooper: Here is your winner by escaping the cage and now advances to the semifinal round of Grand Prix Sagittarius Bluuuueeeee!

    Mason: Huge win for Sagittarius Blue who was able to beat the odds.

    Madison: Blue always enters the ring as the underdog but he also enters the ring as a true fighter too. Tonight he escaped the steel Cage and left with the ticket for the Semis

    Mason:And he now can wait to find out his next opponent. Will it be Chris Divine or Chris Diamond. This match will be next week. But next is the return of Artemis Eclipse and the debut of Avidico.

    *Blue is on the outside celebrating with the front row fans and the cameras cut to a commercial break*

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    *The cameras are back from the commercial break, the lights go out and various purple lights appear instead. The slow build of the theme song permeates the arena and in an explosion with the word "FIGHT!" lights of all colors burst into view.*

    Artemis Eclipse

    *He comes out on the stage with only the swagger that he has. Kendo stick over his left shoulder, hood up on his jacket and microphone in his front pocket. After he reaches the middle of the stage, he throws his hood back and his arms into the air. The fans go crazy in attendance..


    He makes his way down to the ring and jumps onto the barricade. He shouts to the crowd "ECLIPSE THE EARTH!!!" and the crowd cheers loudly. He jumps off the barricade and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands there taking in the cheers and pulls out the microphone to speak.*

    Artemis: My, my, my... look who's back??

    *Crowd goes nuts.*

    Artemis: This tournament is a lot more complicated this time around with a lot more people in it with massive egos. But the thing is, I'm going to win this one and put any shadow of doubt behind me. The last tournament had a fluke of a winner but it won't happen again. No Divine, Avidico, JMan... no one. And J, I know were together in war and not against but in a tournament, anything goes bro. #TeamFuckIt to dominate!!!

    And speaking of Avidico... that little runt thinks he can take me tonight? He's got another thing coming. But I will admit this, Artemis VS Avidico is a dream match that everyone has been wanting so no matter what... I hope he brings his A game tonight considering he's now a former shell of himself without the Superfly Champions---

    *Before he can finish the theme of Avidico makes his way out as Artemis smiles....*


    *Avidico Has Arrived.
    He Walks onto the stage with a steel chair and a mic.
    He sets up the steal chair and takes a seat.

    Avidico: Arti Arti Arti. So here we are.
    Me and You, we are 2 of the best High-flyers Here on EWN never to face each other.
    Arti i admire you, you have had a successful career, won a number of titles.
    You have beaten some big names. You Even Made it to the finals of the inaugural EWNGP Tournament.

    But You lost Arti, You Lost to some nobody. you dont deserve to be back here.
    Arti, You may be here for redemption, but the same thing is going to happen, i will beat you Arti.
    And im going to beat you bad.

    *Avidico gets up drops the mic and trows the chair away. He makes his way down to the ramp and into the ring and the fans are booing him loudly*

    Mason: I must say Avidico is a man of a few words.

    Madison: Actions speak louder than words.

    Mason: True that, this should be interesting, two of the best high flyers in the world locked up in a steel cage. Lets take it to Mark Cooper for the official introduction.

    Cooper: The following quarterfinal round match is a Steeeeel Caaaaage match , the winner of the match will advance to the semifinal round of EWN Grand Prix. Introducing first from Boston Massachusetts Aaaaartemis Ecliiiiiiiiiiiiipse...

    *The fans are chanting Eclpse name*

    Cooper: And he's opponent from New Mexico, Mexico Aviiiiiidicoooooo...

    *Loud boos for Avidico*

    (Jomo/Avidico vs Artemis/Hardy start at 3:00 and stop at 9:10)

    Both men go down hard on the canvas. Artemis got the worst of that fall and Avidico tries to get the cover. Ref covers...




    Atemis kicks before three and Avidico tries to get on his feet. Avidico is up and gets on a full guard position and starts punching Artemis on the face.
    The ref is saying to Avidico to stop but there is no dq in the match. Avidico gets up while Eclipse is trying to get up too but Avidico stops him from doing with a big knee on the jaw. Avidico climbs the nearest turnbuckle and waits Artemis to get up. Artemis is up and Avidico connects with a crossbody from the top rope but Artemis immediately rolls him to a pinning position.




    Avidico got caught for a second but he was able to pick his left shoulder up from the canvas. He shoves Eclipse away and now both men get on their feet. Eclipse comes strong with a few punches backing Avidico to the ropes. He whips him to the opposite ropes and goes for a closeline. Avidico avoids the closeline and as Eclipse turns he nails him with an Enzuigiri. Avidico doesn't go for the cover and instead he climbs the top rope hitting Artemis with a Moonsault and goes straight for the cover by hooking the leg...




    Mason: Artemis is not gonna give up that easily

    Madison: Avidico is in control and Artemis needs to do something quick to change the pace of this match. Or just try.

    Artemis kicks out again before three. Eclipse chants all over the arena and the fans are trying to motivate Eclipse, to give him enough momentum to turn this match around. Artemis is feeding from this energy, Avidico grabs him from the head to pick him up but Artemis first with a punch in the ribs and then with a closeline sends Avidico down to the canvas. He picks him up and whips him to the ropes and this time nails the returning Avidico with big dropkick sending him back to the ropes. Artemis connects with another big dropkick and Avidico's head bounces hard on the steel. Avidico is trapped between the steel and the ropes after the last dropkick. Artemis grabs his head and starts smashing it to the steel cage and the fans are counting every shot. One..Two..Three..Four..Five..Six..Seven..Eight..Ni ne..He stops at nine, places the head of Avidico on the steel, he takes a few steps and then strikes with a big boot right on the skull of Avidico. Artemis pulls him to the center for the cover...




    Mason: Good God those vicious shots on the head of Avidico can easily cause him a serious concussion.

    Avidico barely gets his shoulder up before three. Artemis gets up, readies himself and waits Avidico to get on his feet. Avidico slowly gets up and Artemis goes for a superkick. Avidico was playing possum and grabbed Artemis foot. He shoves him back and then connects with a spinning heel kick sending Artemis to the closest corner. Avidico picks him up and places him to the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and goes for the Frankensteiner. Artemis grabs the ropes to avoid the move and Avidico goes hard on the canvas. Artemis waits Avidico to get up. He gets up and Artemis is standing on the top rope, he flips in the air landing on Avidico's shoulders and then hits him with the dragon rana(huracanrana).

    Madison: I fucking love this move

    Artemis with all the power he has starts climbing the cage while his opponent is down and not moving. Artemis made it to the top of the cage.

    Mason: Why Eclipse stopped, he is on the top of cage and Avidico is still down

    Madison: I don't think escaping the cage is what he has on his mind right now.

    Artemis from the top of the cage connects with a 450 SPLASH!!! And the fans are loving this

    Mason: OMG, omg 450, 450 from the top of the cage. Artemis has the cover, the cover...




    Cooper: Here is your winner and now advances to the semifinal round of Grand Prix Aaaaartemis Ecliiiiiiiiiiiipse!

    Mason: I can't believe what we just saw.

    Madison: That was sick, insane. He only did it to hurt Avidico. Artemis is a sick fucking prick.

    Mason: Artemis did it to prove that he is the best highflyer in the wold. And now he and Blue are in the Semifinals expecting their next opponents. Next week is Diamond vs Divine and Shaz vs Jman in a steel cage, you don't wanna miss that. We will see you all next week.

    *Artemis climbed again to the top to celebrate his victory and the fans are chanting his name loudly. The cameras fade to black and the Grand Prix logo shows up to end the show*

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