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    Booking WWE Royal Rumble 2013

    Preshow match: IC title match: (C)Barrett vs R-Truth-Why not? Former friend of Kofi's tries to win the IC title. Doesn't matter cuz Barrett wins anyway.

    WWE Tag titles: (C)Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Rhodes-Scholars
    -I'd have Team Hell No drop the belts at TLC. Get a rematch on the 1st Raw of the year and lose again. Mysterio/Sin Cara win the match.

    Divas title: Eve vs AJ-why on earth would they have her drop the belt to Kaitlyn? She should keep it so a feud between her and AJ can happen. Vickie can order her to do her dirty work. Got Eve losing the belt to AJ which is the perfect choice to drop the belt to. Possible AJ vs Vickie match at Mania intrigues me a bit since nothing else is really going on based on the roster. Let Eve have some time off with her new husband while at EC, Tamina can get a shot. If they can have Cole vs Lawler, this match really shouldn't be an issue. I like talent facing GMs or whatever you would like to call them.

    World title: Sheamus vs Orton-Hopefully Big Show loses the belt at TLC or on Smackdown before this ppv. Sheamus wins cuz Ziggler cashing it in on a heel doesn't make a lot of sense.

    WWE title: Punk vs Rock-Punk retains for obvious reasons cuz Rock can't work the next ppv. If he can, I'd have Rock win. Based on business, wouldn't be good for live event business. You no he isn't going to take on that schedule. Cena vs Punk til Mania could draw though without the title I'd think.

    How I'd do the Rumble match 2013:

    1.Daniel Bryan-coming off losing tag titles. Fans will want to see former tag champs go at it.
    3.Wade Barrett-like to see Barrett dominate early in the Rumble to build him up a bit. He tosses out both Kane and Bryan. Gets some heat....
    4.Santino-fan fav that Barrett eliminates also.
    5.Brodus Clay-big man that fans believe can stop Barrett, but is unable to do so.
    6.Kofi-another face to eliminate also with a bit a history with Barrett since they are battling at TLC right before this ppv. Figure Barrett wins the IC title.
    7.Christian-fans go nuts, Christian wants his IC title back. Starts a feud with Barrett shortly after this. Christian eliminates Barrett later.
    8.Cody Rhodes-history with Christian from last Summer.
    9.R-Truth-history of being a friend with Kofi who was eliminated by Barrett.
    10.Heath Slater-eliminated by Christian.
    11.Damien Sandow-So a team will be double teaming R-Truth and eliminating him.
    12.William Regal-huge ovation to help Christian while he is triple teamed.
    13.Miz-could challenge Barrett in a feud for the title after Christian or sometime afterward.
    14.Drew McIntyre-need some guys in there for Ryback to throw out when he comes out so..
    15.Ryback-throws out McIntyre and lays out everyone saying feed me more with the crowd.
    16.Jinder Mahal-history with Ryback and is easily thrown out by Ryback.
    17.Darren Young-history w/Ryback.
    18.Tensai-eliminated by Ryback
    19.Titus Oneil-history w/Ryback also so both him and Young can double team.
    20.Goldberg-Fans go nuts spears everyone in his path until Ryback is gets up and they join face to face. Shield comes out from the crowd and ruins the moment. Attacks Ryback/Goldberg fans boo of course. All 3 eliminate Ryback only for Goldberg to spear 1 of them and jackhammer another. Rhodes-Scholars eliminate him.
    21.Ted Dibiase-history as a partner of Cody Rhodes. Double team by you know who.
    22.Rey Mysterio-huge pop from the crowd.
    23.Evan Bourne-him and Bourne team for a while to get some heels out.
    24.John Cena-mixed ovation, but still solid eliminating Barrett among others.
    25.Sin Cara-he along with Rey does some tag team moves, but out of no where Mysterio is thrown out of the ring by Sin Cara. Start their feud towards WM. Boos!!
    26.Big Show-comes out and dominates eliminating Bourne, Dibiase, and Christian.
    27.Dolph Ziggler-I think WWE may have him cash it in possibly at the EC ppv where the champion will be through a tough match. I'd rather see him cash it in on a face at WM.
    28.Antonio Cesaro-
    29.Del Rio-Does a wink at Cena and gets eliminated there after.
    30.Ric Flair-The Return of the Nature Boy attacking Ziggler and eliminating him.

    Have no idea who should win. I'm against giving guys oppurtunities to be in the Rumble match after given a WWE or World title shot which is why you see no Orton or Rock in the Rumble match along with the champions which I hope to be Sheamus and Punk. I guess I'd have Cena win along with cashing it in at the next ppv EC. Have Cena winning and retaining before WM. Cena/Rock 2 for the WWE title. Rock wants to be WWE champion again 1 last time which is his goal and Cena wants 1 last match with the Rock to even the score. Got Cena winning and retaining at WM. Wish Ziggler could cash in right there...unfortunately he can't cuz it is for the Smackdown title which is stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne View Post
    Wish Ziggler could cash in right there...unfortunately he can't cuz it is for the Smackdown title which is stupid.
    Makes you miss win there was one money in the bank winner which can be used for both brands.

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    I'd watch.

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