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Thread: Sam Shaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling1 View Post
    thats one guy i miss seeing wrestle! loved his persona. and sam shaw he had balls to call out hardy and did well better then all the other gut check ppl . i hate all of them except sam shaw...the chick was horrible
    Sam Shaw didn't call out Jeff Hardy it was Christian York that did.

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    Off topic - Raven is awesome on a mic. He's commentary with Gorilla Monsoon on the Coliseum Home Video collection is hilariously entertaining and he's promo work with ECW was brilliant. The guy will go down with a cult following to match the likes of Piper and Mr. Perfect; one of the better ones to never hold THE major WWE belt.

    On topic - I think Sam Shaw has great potential. Had my votes counted for Gut Check, he would have been 1 of the 3 I voted yes on (York and Ryan are the other two) and that is based off of what I can see him becoming if he stays dedicated and continues improving. He is the one Gut Check contender that I can see moving up the TNA ladder from ground up and gaining a cult following from the Impact fan base. He has a lot of work in his "entertainer" side of things, but for a "brand new" kind of guy that these Gut Check boys are supposed to be, he has a somewhat smooth style in the ring (check out some of his OVW work as well.) He is not someone you push immediately (like York this past week) but in the next 3-5 years, I could see him moving from the Tag and X division to being a credible TV title holder who is knocking on the door of the Main Event. It all depends on how much drive the kid has, how hard he's willing to work, and how well TNA backs him when his opportunities arise.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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    He looked good i have been watching him in OVW and he is improving every week definitely a keeper for TNA.

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    He'll be sick in the future, I hope they carry on building him up. And I don't want them giving him the X-Division title straight away, just build him up a bit more.

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    he looked kind of sloppy but has potential


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