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Thread: Aces & Eights

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    Eh, I say NEVER remove the masks on all but maybe one or two--and they better be big-time acquisitions like John Morrison or someone already well-known on the roster like Doug Williams with an angle about needing to force attention upon himself because management is not providing it.

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    I just hope they do not rush it to the end once all of the members are revealed. That is one of my biggest concerns involving this storyline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treechstah View Post
    I'm really enjoying this angle. and the storyline is on fire. Im glad tna cleared up te rumors , so we know that it definetly isnt hogan, hardy, anderson, or anyone who is currently on the roster. it will be someone, that they are saving big for BOUND FOR GLORY. Ive notice at every bound for glory there is a suprise or revealed face or heel turn of some sort. Batista could play a big role, maybe jarrett..or someone unexpected like a steve austin or maybe bret hart or someone. Whoever it is, they are keeping him a major suprise. I'm loving it all
    It is not going to be Batista as he is doing his MMA thing now. Steve Austin is still under WWE contract and I highly doubt its Bret Hart.

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    Its not a play on anything wwe has done. I hate people saying its like the nexus because it's so different. It's a brilliant angle and having this riot came at the right time (riots are always cool). I think they should reveal them gradually leading up to the leader revealed. I like how there are like 10-20 lackeys then 6 proper guys.
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    I didn't notice Bobby Rhoode last week, could he be in the group, or the leader? My gf noticed that. I'm loving this storyline, keep their identities hidden for as long as possible.

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    I dunno. I just get a random vibe that it's the X-Division wrestlers, because they don't appear when the riots commence. But I highly doubt it. I think that Roode and the X-Division are involved in this somehow. Especially when Roode cost Kenny King that match. Probably doing it to show that he is against them when he was actually aligned with them.

    That's just a dream, I doubt it will happen lol.

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    I really hope Adam Pearce ends up being a member.

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    Abyss or Joseph Park what ever yo want to call him is Aces and Eights

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    Trent Barreta joined last night (look at the nose).


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    Quote Originally Posted by body slam View Post
    Abyss or Joseph Park what ever yo want to call him is Aces and Eights
    the 3 faces of Chris Parks!!!
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