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    Sorry that TNA doesn't please your taste and that TNA isn't making enough "sense" for you to approve. It really sucks that they don't direct their programming strictly towards what you would approve of as a whole. Hopefully, they will track you down at some point and get your input as to what they should be doing with their stories and how their angles should be. Because if that ever happened, we all know that TNA would be SO much better off than having the reach, contracts, cult following, and live television program that they already have. You could definitely be the person to make TNA not a "bush league" promotion and make them the next WWE Empire that you know they should be...

    I hate pessimistic and overly critical fans. Why can't everyone just enjoy a show they are watching instead of trying to pick apart everything that they would do better? I am a Texans fan, and I would like to see Schaub throw to Andre Johnson more, but I am not going to bitch about it when my team is sitting at 6-1. By the way, Heenan also referred to fans as "Ham & Eggers" (as well a Humanoids if you remember) which sparked the question; why would he call fans a term that smarks thought was reserved for "jobbers" according to the insider terminology? It wasn't to refer to them as jobbers, but towards the fact that fans are often skeptical and that they always seem to find something to bitch about; which of course he was right about.
    Dude you realize this is just a WWE troll right? lol Also step aside because the champs will be repeating this season. See you at the Superbowl Homie.

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