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    For me, theres a few possibilities which I don't think others may have thought about. Too many things were happening in TNA around the same time as this started up.

    Bischoff - It's already been confirmed that he was the talker with the voice changer. Was thrown out of TNA around 6 months ago. Worst choice as leader for me.

    Vince Russo - Fired about 6 months ago just before A&8's started up. Would be the ultimate Russo swerve.

    Scott Steiner - Hasn't made an offensive tweet (or any tweet) in about 6 months.

    Joseph Parks - I read a blog a while back that this could be a third split personality of Parks. An evil, well educated maskless Abyss with Bully Ray would be my personal choice. Very likely they could have come to an agreement after their rivalry a few months ago.

    One thing people may say if its Sting or Bully Ray is that it's too predictable. I don't think that, I think it's logical and the makes the most sense. The criticisms we had in the past with Russo writing was that it was too unpredictable and his swerves made no sense. I'd take logic and rationality over plot holes, far fetched pay offs and dropped story lines any day.
    I believe that was because TNA filed some sort of lawsuit against him.

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