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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealOutlaw View Post
    I agree that TNA needs to run with the A&8's as long as they can, because for some reason I have a feeling when the leader is finally shown it will be a let down. I also agree that TNA has come a long way. But they still have a VERY long way to go before they even think about reaching the door step to even become a bump in the road for WWE.

    I never see TNA becoming a threat for WWE in the future. TNA is to small and does not have the money to become huge, once TNA starts selling out huge event arena's like WWE then just maybe they can grow to size and become a threat. But I don't see that happening.

    To add fuel to the fire, I see TNA getting smaller if not going under as time passes. Dixie Carter has no clue what it takes to put the company over.
    IMHO, WWE is losing a certain fan base..... Many people is getting tired of the WWE trying to us TV-PG14 on a TV-PG show....WWE tries things then backlash always come... Plus the mid-card talent getting frustrated with not getting their fair share of time or pay.... WWE will remain #1 for a good while, say as long as nothing happens that will change the structure WWE... Namely Vince retiring or such as...

    But TNA is growing more..... They are now live finally.... TNA is expanding their product with internet from youtube to facebook and twitter... They signing new and younger talent... Then the easier work schedule.....
    The biggest problem TNA does have is exposing the fans to their product.... They on a network that that is has low ratings for the most due to many factors.... If Spike could grab something that brings an audience they might could get TNA another half a million to a million viewers...

    I'm going rebuttal your comment on Dixie Carter..... Say she knows more then most people or Wrestling fans give her credit for!!!
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
    Wrestling, women and money who could ask for more???

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