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Thread: Wake up Vince!

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    TLC stands for Tables, Ladders and Chairs right? So, they surely can have them in the poster, right?

    Survivor Series had Miz on the poster - and he was a major dud at that PPV.

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    Screw this thread.

    "Victims.. Aren't we all ?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Oh no the poster showed a wrestler who had a 99.9% chance of appearing on the PPV. Damn you Vince, damn you all to Hell!!
    Its a travesty damn it!

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    So if it was Ryback vs NXT 3 would you say that they made a mistake by showing Ryback (who is standing alone) on the TLC poster?

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    They could had easily had a poster of John Cena or Big Show or Randy Orton or Wade Barrett or CM Punk or anyone they currently are pushing..... As I said they are pushing Ryback at this current time.....
    But like I said in my previous post, they kinda ruin the matchmaking or the live feel of the decision making....
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    are we really this stupid nowadays? there is not one thing wrong with the poster or where it was placed during that segment. hilarious to see someone so confidently think they "got" the wwe this time, and just completely look like a fool

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    That poster has been out a while. Saw it weeks ago.

    I think, sometimes, they just put people on the posters for the hell of it. Terry was on TNA's Sacrifice poster, and I don't think he had a major part.

    Miz was in the SS poster, but I guess that was just to promote him more and whatnot.
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    we all know vince is not smart, hes running wwe into the ground

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    Quote Originally Posted by #BITW View Post
    we all know vince is not smart, hes running wwe into the ground
    Yes, the guy who gave us the attitude era and pushed wrestling into the mainstream is an idiot.

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    Anyone remember the poster of edge cutting through the pujabi prison with a chainsaw?

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