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Thread: Wake up Vince!

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    Wake up Vince!

    This is a screenshot from last night's Raw...

    This is 10 minutes after the announcement of Ryback vs Punk at TLC.
    Yet if you look just behind Vickie, there's the TLC poster with Ryback on the front...


    But it just goes to show, spend so much time writing and re-writing the script, and you miss the attention to detail.

    You're welcome!!

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    How does this show they spend much time writing and re-writing the show?
    They announced the planned match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
    How does this show they spend much time writing and re-writing the show?
    They announced the planned match.
    Yeah, I'm trying to figure this out, too.

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    What I think he's trying to say is that the poster behind Vickie exposes the last minute changes that creative make because if in his mind, there's no way that you'd be able to make that kind of poster when you just announce your main event. Of course, posters are generally made even before a PPV event is announced on live television so I'm not sure what point he's trying to make.

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    Oh no the poster showed a wrestler who had a 99.9% chance of appearing on the PPV. Damn you Vince, damn you all to Hell!!

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    The poster shows a guy in the middle of a massive push near a table and holding a chair. I don't get the issue. Last month they had The Miz on the poster weeks before he was booked in a match. It's not as if they have a poster of Ryback and Punk facing of with a big "Vs" between them and even that would hardly be considered a spoiler.

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    It's just a poster.... I agree with your view on Miz being on last month's PPV.
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    It was minutes after announcing the match.... They could had Vickie anywhere else in the arena beside in front of the poster... I figure the writing and re-writing part comes up to the way they announced the match with it already was made but not known for TV until moments before...

    another thing is Ryback is the current guy they are pushing.....
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    Lol but it would make no sense if the poster was CM Punk looking at Ryback.

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    You could see that poster before Vickie announced she changing the match to a TLC match and Ryback was holding a chair so CM suxx not maybe thought it as a kind like a spoiler, the posters are made before the PPV's that's it.

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