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    Raw last night, just end it already...

    I live in the UK, Raw starts at 1am over here. I bravely battled through my tiredness and watched through the first hour.

    Ryback v O'Neil, fair enough. Have Ryback look good against a big guy. Set up the TLC match with Punk, fair enough
    Hornswoggle? Kahli? Sigh...okay, at least the big man will get squashed by an actual wrestler
    Shield interview. Reason I tuned in. Was hoping it would a live, in-ring interview by never mind. Ambrose was awesome.
    Tamina was impressive, and I HATE Divas matches.

    Now we get to my gripe. The AJ Lee/Cena "scandel!" WHY IS IT A SCANDEL? They're both single, there is no issues. Oh what, she used to be GM? That was AGES ago. You're expecting the crowd to remember that yet forget the Miz was a low life, annoying heel less than 3 weeks ago...okay!

    Its a boring story line, with horrible acting, thats being dragged out forever. Vickie was WOEFUL on the mic last night. Stumbling over lines, interupting AJ and Cena unintentionally. It was a TRAIN WRECK of a segment. If you want Cena and Ziggler to feud just let them go at it in the ring. Enough of the soap opera crap.

    Had it with Raw after this crap fest and went to bed. Sort it out WWE, first time I've bailed on an episode of Raw in my life and been a fan for over 20 years. You're slowly alienating an important demographic in your fanbase

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