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    Where have all the good managers gone???

    Harping back to "The Good Old Days"....

    A manager used to be integral to the success of a Tag-team or singles competitor...

    Managers also had a habit of switching allegiances at a drop of a hat, especially when their "clients" lost a title.

    A manger used to be outlandish and generally a name in their own right, I'm not talking about a valet, whom generally these days are just divas....

    My favourites were, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart and Paul Bearer. There were plenty more like the The Genius, Paul Ellering, Mr Fuji, Jim Corenette, Slick, Harvey Wippleman and even the girls got in on the act with Sensational Sherri and Elizabeth.

    Managers were an integral part of any superstar, they were part of the love or hate factor, which is sadly missing today. I for one would love to see a few more manager emerge in their own right.


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