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    A Rather Startling Trend

    Have you ever noticed something about Dolph Ziggler? Ever since around late 2010, Dolph Ziggler gets a major push. He'll pick up a couple of victories against main eventers, show off his mic skills and by the looks of things, WWE has there faith in him and he'll get elevated to main event status. But then, at the Royal Rumble, he loses and slowly leaves the limelight and gets put back down to the mid card.

    Pre-Royal Rumble 2011: Ziggler feuds with Edge. Gets some pinfall victories.

    Post-Royal Rumble 2011: After his loss to Edge, Ziggler gets a 10 minute run with the WHC, loses it to Edge, gets "fired" and back to the mid card.

    Pre-Royal Rumble 2012: Week after week, Ziggler is able to beat CM Punk and has all the momentum in the world.

    Post-Royal Rumble 2012: Back to the midcard after losing to Punk, gets in a tag team with Jack Swagger and does nothing of main event relevance...until now.

    Pre-Royal Rumble 2013: Ziggler is currently involved in a high profile feud with the likes of John Cena, has a scheduled match with him at TLC and has gotten the better of Randy Orton through clean pinfall victories, including a huge win at Survivor Series.

    Post-Royal Rumble 2013: ???

    Do you think that now is the time that Ziggler ends this trend or will #Heel be grappling it up with mid carders once again? Your thoughts?


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