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    The following is off wikipedia; Insurrexion and Rebllion were bi-yearly (rotated) and ended in 2003, after the brand extension, due to WWE stating to do international live events and tours (including TV tapings at each tour)
    SummerSlam 1992 Summerslam 1992 took place at Wembley Stadium, London, England.
    One Night Only 1997 only The event took place in the UK in 1997. This was available in Europe and Canada only.
    Capital Carnage 1998 only The event took place in the UK in December of that year.
    No Mercy (UK) 1999 only The event took place in May of that year. Despite being held in the UK, another PPV called "No Mercy" was held the same year in the U.S.
    Rebellion 1999–2002 The event took place in the UK in October 1999 and 2002, November 2001 and December 2000.
    Insurrextion 2000–2003 The event took place in the UK in May between 2000–2002 and June in 2003.
    Ah good, I'm not going mad then.

    I miss WWE being on channel 4 - Sky have got the exclusive rights for the next few years, and Sky Sports costs way more than I am actually prepared to pay.

    Back on topic, I do like the idea of a UK PPV - maybe when Barrett is at more of a main event level you could have him headline for one title, and Sheamus for the other. I'm pretty sure that would get buyrates over here.

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    It was done before with Insurrextion and Rebellion obviously it just wasn't working for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomsta666 View Post
    I can't really see how buyrates in the US would drop because of the timezone difference. We're only 5-7 hours (I think?) in front you guys. So if the PPV starts at the standard 8pm here, it would mean that you guys would get it mid-afternoon on a Sunday. Who does anything on a Sunday?
    Well, for about half the year, pro football is broadcast on Sunday afternoon and there's no question hot NFL games effect wrestling viewership (as has been seen on Monday and Thursday), so imagine how much more it will be a draw versus having to PAY to see a wrestling broadcast. Also bear in mind the PPV broadcasters have a lot of say as to what/when events will be put on their airwaves, and they may not want to buck the NFL, especially since cable providers have deals to carry subscription sports packages with multiple football games. That also applies to NBA and MLB.

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