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Thread: I Have To Know

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    A. Black: That was easy, on to the next round, where the next opponent will share the same fate.
    Ryan Wells:

    - Former JBW TV Champion
    - Former EWNCW Evolution Champion
    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirBourne View Post
    A. Black: That was easy, on to the next round, where the next opponent will share the same fate.
    JJJ: I almost beat you! One day! One day!

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyehatecena View Post
    JJJ: I almost beat you! One day! One day!
    A. Black: Woman, you lost, get over it.
    Ryan Wells:

    - Former JBW TV Champion
    - Former EWNCW Evolution Champion
    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)

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    Spencer Churchill comes out from the back without any music, having a mic in his hands. He walks down the ramp completely ignoring the fans. He enters the ring and gets in the face of Sebastian. He raises the mic to speak but instead he hits Sebastian right on the left eye. The ref pushes Spencer back and Sebastian gets up spearing Spencer. The ref has no choice to call for the bell and the match starts.

    (Cena/Sebastian vs Angle/Churchill start at 6:55 and stop at 11:10, ignore the pins)

    Sebastian gets up and tries to pick up Churchill but he pokes him to the eyes. Spencer grabs him from the back and then he delivers a belly to back, release, suplex on Noctura. Sebastian goes down and finally Churchill gets the chance to take a rest for few seconds before to get on his feet. Churchill starts stomping Noctura on the head and then he picks him up and this time connects with a snap suplex on Noctura. Churchill is showing off and screams "One more time" before he picks up Sebastian. He goes for another suplex but this time Noctura stops him and hits him first with a couple punches on is ribs and then he drops him with DDT right on his head.

    Madison: I really like Spencer but in matches like that you need to concentrate on your opponent.

    Mason: A great counter from Noctura who turn the Churchill's suplex into a DDT.

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    Churchill rolls out of the ring and falls on the announcer's table. Noctura exits the ring as well and grabs the head of Churchill slamming it hard on the table. Spencer drops on his knees while Noctura cleans the table and throws the monitors away. Jack Madison and Chris Mason quickly left from theirs seats. Noctura grabs Churchill from the arm he picks him up and then on his shoulders. he tires to throw him on the table but Churchill counters with elbows. he falls behind the back of Sebastian delivering a while shot first on his back and then he picks up from behind nailing him with an ANGLE SLAM! Noctura goes through, breaking, the table. You can tell from the insane reaction they get this two men that the fans are really enjoying the action so far. Noctura is down but this time is not moving at all while Spencer Churchill tries to get on his feet. He is up now and tires to lift up the body of Noctura sending him back in the ring.

    Madison: Its all over for Noctura. Churchill is gonna win this.

    Mason: A path of Destruction after that move.

    Spencer is not done and he wants to inflict more pain to Noctura. He picks him up and whips him to the corner. He charges and connects with a closeline on Noctura and now he places him on the top rope. Spencer climbs up and want to hit him with the superplex. But Noctura is still in there he fights with all the power he still has and is hitting Churchill with lefts and rights in the ribs. Noctura grabs Spencer and nails him with a Side Effect from the top rope and now both men are down after that move. Neither of the two is moving. The fans are cheering for both men to get up and after several seconds Noctura is the first to get on his feet followed by Churchill. Noctura grabs Spencer and whips him to the corner. He charges and connects with an Enzugiri. Churchill is Dazed after that shot and falls on Noctura who picks him up and now hits him with the Sidewalk slam.

    Mason: Noctura is on fire.

    Madison: What a series of moves from him.

    Noctura points to the corner and climbs up. Spencer is up too and Noctura grabs him from the head trying to hit him with a tornado DDT but Spencer counter and now Noctura is on Spencer's shoulder and he gets nailed with the Hope & Glory (F5)! It takes his a bit of time to get and Now Spencer is on his feet.

    Madison: What a counter from Spencer!

    Churchill now without wasting anymore time he grabs Noctura and tries to lock the V for Victory (Hell's Gate Submission). But Noctura is fighting kicking him away and blocking him from locking the submission. But Spencer drops an elbow right on the throat of Noctura taking again the control of this match. He picks him up and picks him on his shoulders for another Hope & Glory. But this time Noctura is able to counter the move with elbows first and then hits him with a neckbraker. Noctura is up and readies himself waiting, from behind, Spencer to get up. Spncer is up he turn and Noctura hit him with the codebraker but he but not letting go, followed by a Hell's Gate submission. Spencer is in trouble and the hold is really tight.

    Madison: That's Churcill's finishing mole.

    Mason: That is also Noctura's move too.. And it looks like that Churchill will tap!

    Noctura is squeezing the head of Churchill even more leaving him no other choice from taping out.

    Cooper: Here is your winner Sebaaastiaan Noctuuuuuuurrrrraaaaa!

    Mason: Noctura does it and is now the third man to qualify for the Semis.

    Madison: Both men gave us a fight but in the end Noctura found a way to steal the victory from Churchill and now deservedly will fight for a spot in the finals.

    Mason: We are gonna cut for the final commercial of the night and we will be back with the main event.

    *The ref raises the hand of Noctura in the air while. Churchill is sitting on the ramp grabbing his throat and with a look on disbelief in his face. The cameras cut to a break.*


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    Chris The Prodigy Diamond

    *Killin' In The Name of hits the PA speakers, and the crowd are on their feet booing Chris Diamond as the self proclaimed Prodigy makes his way out to the arena to loud boos from the crowd, who remember him from GP 3 acouple of months back. He gets in the ring, and grabs a nearby microphone, ready to speak when the crowd finally dies down.*

    Diamond: Well, well, well, look who's back in town! It's me, The Prodigy!

    *The crowd boos loudly as Diamond smirks before glaring round at them*

    Diamond: SHUT UP! Like I give a damn what you people think! But anyways, I don't wanna get caught up and waste my time with people like you. I have a match to win! Last time out, I said the exact same thing, I told you all that I was going to beat the people's hero, Chris Divine...but I didn't.

    *The crowd cheer this and begin chanting 'YOU'RE A LOSER!' Diamond looks around, head down.

    Diamond: BUT....Divine had years of experience under his belt, he had experience in this tournament before, he was the JBW Intercontinental Champion for God's sakes! No-one gave me, a smack talking rookie, a guy who did what he wanted to, a guy who thought the system had held him down all these years, a stinking chance in hell! But the fact was and still is, on that night, you saw that indeed the system had held me down, and I proved to you, and everyone else, all the higher powers, that I was mega-talented, that I am 'Your Prodigy' On that night, I took Chris Divine, to the limit, and he won by me making one mistake, a mistake that won't happen tonight!

    *He stares around at the crowd for a moment before continuing

    Divine: You see, Divine beat me with his Divine Intervention outta nowhere, it caught me by surprise. One fluke move because I took my eye off the ball for one moment, and I was gone. But now, I've got a few matches under my belt. A five match winning streak in IWA, dominant on Zero Gravity, with PPV victories in each company. Despite people trying to hold me down all my life, I stand here in front of you, the singel best talent in both those companies, and this tournament, and I'll damn well prove it by making everyone tap out!

    *The crowd boo Daimond as he takes a breath.*

    Diamond: That brings me smoothly onto my opponent tonight....Chase 'The Ace' Walker. Like most of the guys in the tournament, I have never faced Chase, and I am lving the fact that I get my chance to show him why they call me 'Prodigy' Walker, you think it intimidates me that you have an Amatuer Wrestling background, or that you worked with Kurt or Swagger back in your amatuer days? Well, to be honest, it really increases the liklihood that you're a nasty piece of work, seeing as two of your buddies are infamous for their DUI's and in Angles case, an abuser of women. Eek, not a great bunch of guys you hung around with, huh?

    *The crowd boo at the insults of Kurt and Chase.*

    Diamond: And you people will probably sit there and ask yourselves, who the hell does this guy think he is, he can't win a submissions match, he doesnt have any submission moves to his repotoire. Allow me to give you an example of my patented manouvere, The Prodigy Lock.

    *He points to the titantron, where some footage from an old indy match comes on the air, where Diamond has The Prodigy Lock locked in on an opponent.*

    *The tron goes black and the cameras turn back to Diamond, who is laughing*

    Diamond: You see that? Did you? The guy I had the hold in on was screaming for his damn life! He was tapping like a little girl! If security hadnt have run down a few seconds later, I woulda broken that punk bitches arm smack damn in half! So Chase, be careful what you wish for, tonight, imma break your arm! But before that, I'm gonna puni.....

    Chase Walker

    *Chase Walker’s music then hits and he strolls out and down the ramp. Walker has a look on his face that is serious, but in a puzzling way as well, seemingly as to what Chris Diamond has just said. Walker then steps into the ring, mic in hand, raises to his lips, and begins to speak.*

    Chase Walker: I got a question for you Diamond… what happened last tournament? Did Divine really beat you that badly that you A don’t know what you are talking about, and B you’ve got something wrong up there?

    *Walker taps Diamond on the head at the rhetorical question*

    Chase Walker: I could’ve sworn I just heard you say that I don’t have, “a submission maneuver in my repertoire.” You just said that right?

    *Diamond shakes his head in a nod of yes.*

    Chase Walker: Man Divine really must’ve messed up your head in that match. In fact Divine, I do have a submission maneuver… it’s called the Ace of Spades… maybe you’ve heard of it, because many of people have fallen to it in my time in professional wrestling, both in Total Resistance and on KillZone in JBW. Diamond, this tournament, the Grand Prix Tournament, focused around submissions… was made for me! This is my tournament to win, and its mine to lose as well, but I am not going to lose tonight. Diamond you know how the saying goes, “history has a knack for repeating itself,” well that is exactly what is going to happen here tonight. Tonight Chris Diamond… history repeats itself, because last time you were a member of the Grand Prix Tournament you lost, and tonight you will lose again.

    *The fans cheer at this statement.*

    Chase Walker: Now I said this tournament is my tournament, and it is, a submission tournament was made for me… but I know there are those people out there who will disagree. They won’t give me a shot in hell at winning this tournament, never mind this match. But that is what I do best; I thrive on people doubting me, giving me no chance, and look where it has gotten me. It has gotten me to be on Total Resistance, has given me a chance on KillZone in JBW. It has gotten me to here and now, a match on the Grand Prix Submission Tournament against Chris Diamond!

    *The fans let out another loud roar.*

    Chase Walker: So Diamond… I hope you and every other hater and doubter I have are ready, ready for me to beat you! But I am not just going to beat you, I’m going to make you submit, and I’m going to break your ankle! That’s right Diamond, when I lock in the Ace of Spades on you, there is no escaping, the only way out is to submit, but because your conceited self won’t allow you to submit to the likes of me, I’m going to break your ankle instead. I’m going to leave you here in the middle of this ring, clutching your ankle and out of action for a while and while you are having surgery you can think of who you doubted, and who did this to you.

    *The fans are in a ruckus waiting for the match.*

    Chase Walker: I hope you are ready Diamond.

    *Chase drops the mic as the two get face to face before the ref separates them and are ready for the match to start.*

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    Madison: Please aloud me to explain a few thing about the Prodigy. On the last tournament he was part yes he lost on the first round but he only lost from the winner of the tournament.

    Mason: That is true but he still lost. Nevertheless its main even time, Chase Walker vs Chris Diamond should be a great match.

    Madison: Last ticket for the semis. Who's gonna get it?

    Cooper: the following quarterfinal contest is a submission match. Introducing first Christ "The Prodigy" Diamond....

    *Very loud boos from the fans. Some of the are chanting "Loser"*

    Cooper: And his opponent Chase "The Ace" Walker....

    *The boos immediately become cheers for Walker*

    (Orton/Well duh vs Chase/Ben..Ghost start at 4:10 and stop at 13:20 and please ignore Bookaaaaa)

    Chase is trying to lock the crossface on Diamond but just in time Diamond smart as always realized that he was close to the ropes and he extended his hand grabbing the bottom rope and rolling to the outside stopping Chase from locking the crossface. Diamond is followed by Chase who exits the ring as well. Chase picks him and tries to whip him towards the steel steps but Diamond counters and he tries to send Chase to the steps. Counter from Chase to who grabs Diamond and nails him with an over the body belly to belly suplex on the outside. Diamond screams in pain and Chase i already on his feet trying to pick Diamond up. Now Diamond is up and this time Chase throws him to the steel steps. Big collusion on the steps and Diamond immediately grabs his right arm in pain. Chase now is looking for a weapon under the ring and he brings out a table. He trows the table in the ring and focuses again on Diamond who got back in the ring. Chase enters the ring he picks Chris up and whips him to the corner. He grabs the table that introduce moments before and places it exactly to the opposite corner that Diamond is.

    Mason: What in the world Chase has in his mind now?

    Madison: I don't understand why he has to use a table in a submission match just go for the submission move. No reason to injure your opponent.

    Chase charges to the corner and connects with a big closeline on Diamond. He grabs him from his right arm and tries to whip him on the table. Diamond counters and sends Chase on the table without breaking it. And then a huge SPEAR from Diamond sending Chase through the table breaking it in half. The fans are loving the action and they are on their feet cheering. Both men are down with Diamond getting up now . Chase is down still not moving and Diamond takes his time to taunt the fans and all the cheers now became boos. Diamond though doesn't seem to care and now he turns his attention back to Chase.

    Madison: What a spear from Diamond!

    Mason: But you just said there is no reason for bringing a table in a submission match.

    Madison: And i still believe that, Diamond was just defending himself.

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    Diamond starts stomping Chase in the head forcing him to roll to the outside. Diamond exits the ring as well and he picks up Walker whipping him to the barricade. He returns back in the ring and runs to the ropes coming back to hit Chase with a suicide dive but Walker moves out of the way and Diamond goes hard with his head hitting first. Diamond slowly gets to his feet but Walker grabs him quickly from the head and nails him with a vicious DDT to the outside. Walker is trying to turn this match around as he sends Diamond back in the ring and he returns also back in. Walker whips Diamond to the corner and goes for the closeline. Big boot right on the jaw from Diamond and now he is the one who goes for the closeline but Walker ducks and grabs him from behind and locks the Abdominal Stretch. Diamond is in terrible pain as the pressure is applied on the injured arm and Chase to make this hold even more painful starts hitting Chris on the belly with big right hands. But instead of hurting Diamond this wakens him up and stomps, at first, Chase on the left then then he delivers a big left to break the hold and finally sends Chase to the ropes with a big European uppercut. Chase bounces on the ropes and Diamond catches him lift him up and delivers a big European Uppercut like Cesaro's signature move.

    Mason: What a European Uppercut from Diamond!

    Madison: I though i saw a tooth flying from Chase mouth!

    Diamond now is acting like crazy literally begging Walker to get on his feet. Walker is on his knees and slowly gets up. Diamond sees that and goes straight for the

    Diamond In The Rough (RKO). He nailed it and Chase tastes to the map as he went hard down. But Diamond is not satisfied by that he wants to end Chase. He takes a few feet back and readies himself for the punt kick.

    Mason: Oh no Diamond, please don't do this.

    Chase gets on his knees and Diamond goes for the kick but Chase counters grabbing Diamond from the leg and locks the Ace of Spades (Ankle Lock) on Diamond. A great counter from Chase saved himself and now Diamond is in a rough position. He raises his hand up... He is gonna tap... But know he still handles the pain and lifts his body up with his hand and rolls breaking the hold and sending Chase to hit to the corner, chest first. Diamond gets up and he limps. Chase turns his back and he gets nailed with another Diamond In The Rough. Chase goes down again from Diamond's finisher and this time Diamond is not in mood fro games as he locks the Prodigy Lock (Kimura Lock) on Chase. Chase can't stand the pain... And Diamond adds more pressure on the hold. He is gonna tap.... He raises his free hand up biting his nails in pain and he taps out to the Prodigy lock!

    Mason: And Chase taps out, Diamond almost broke his hand!

    Madison: Huge, very big win for Diamond who is now a Grand Prix semifinalist.

    Mason: A great main event and now we have the four winners. Chris Diamond, Abel, Sebastian Noctura and Aidan Black will all return next week for the Semis. And we will see you all there. goodnight everyone.

    *Chris Diamond climbs the top rope and poses will the fans heavily booing him. Chase is outside and a doctor checks him arm for possible injury. The camera return with Diamond who is still on the top rope celebrating his win before the ey fade to calck and the Grand Prix logo shows up to end the show*

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    Ok full show is up feedback if you please. And an important announcement. For the month of May me and GP will taking a break but we will return June with a GP6. Off course we still have two more shows for GP5. Promo assi. fro the Semis will go out tomorrow.

    Favorite Moment:
    Best Match:
    Best Promo:
    Any Matches and/or Promos That Could've Been Improved:
    Did you find the results fair?:
    Any Other Constructive Criticism:
    Overall Show Grade:

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    Promo assignments are out and no one gave a feedback

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