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Thread: I Have To Know

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    No i said Aaaarreee yooouuuu Rrrreaaaaaddyyyyy?

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    Then for the EWNGP members and for everyone else who follows the show get ready for


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    Right after this

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    Last filler

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    Chris Mason: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to EWN Grand Prix.We are gonna start the show with the host and GM of the show Jason Myers.

    Here comes the Boss!!!

    *Jason Myers comes out from the back to a huge reaction from the fans.Also with him are the 4 hot girls with the EWN Grand Prix Champion's trophy.The boss walks down the ramp, climbs the steel steps then the 2nd rope and into the ring.Myers goes to the corner picks a mic ,before coming back to the center of the ring.Myers raises the mic to speak.*

    Myers: Welcome all to EWN Grand Priiiiiiixxxx!

    *The fans cheering very loudly this time*

    Myers: What a show we have for you tonight ladies and gents.The final 4 men will battle for that trophy over there.

    *He points at the girls who are holding the trophy.Some cheers from the male fans*

    Myers: But as you all know the winner will also leave from this stadium tonight with a $100 000 check and a guarantee spot in the CHAMPION OF THE CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT at the end of the next year.

    * Cheers from the fans *

    Myers: This is what are you gonna see tonight.January 6 we will have our first show for EWN Grand Prix #2 and what a fight card we have for you people.Orion Slayde will go one on one with Mr Smyth .Mike Hawk will face AJ Dixon and Ali Kazam will face Kaige Chamberlain.Also on the card Kyojin will face...

    * He stops for a few seconds *

    Myers: Well that was a problem we had to solve in the past few weeks we couldn't find a wrestler worthy enough to join the roster for the 2nd show.But that problem was solved two days ago.I got a call from a guy who is not only worthy to compete here in Grand Prix he is also a perfect opponent for a great wrestler like Kyojin.Ladies and gents Kyojin's opponent is this man....

    *There is a pause, as everyone looks to the entrance stage, waiting to see who walks out from the back.*


    Chris Mason: Omg is Chris Divine.Chris Divine is the 8th man

    Madison: He is Kyojin's opponent.What a great match for Grand Prix 2.Can't wait for that.

    *Chris Divine walks out from the back to a big pop from the fans. He has the JBW Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder, as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. Divine walks over to Myers, taking the mic from him, as Jason Myers and the girls climb out of the ring, and head up the ramp into the back. Divine stands at the center, as a Divine One chant breaks out. Divine raises the mic.*

    Divine: Ever since the names came out from the next Grand Prix, people have been in a ruckus as to who this mystery man was. Some have stipulated it was Tommy Thunder, others have guessed it was Ma$$Dinero, and even some speculated it was Van Hooligan X. For those wishing and dreaming for one of those ego inflated chumpettes, you can be sadly disappointed. For those wishing for someone with true talent, you all can rejoice in the fact that the Divine One has come to this tournament. Now, this is the moment where Divine is suppose to address Kyojin, and each person in this next tournament, and frankly, Divine is looking forward to getting a 1 on 1 rematch against Kyojin after Divine's loss in IWA a few weeks ago, but Divine is going to step out of the box for a second, and address someone Divine has had an issue with.

    *The fans all sit there, unsure of what's to come next.*

    Divine: You see, when Divine first burst onto the big scene, there was someone Divine could call a friend. This man is in the first Grand Prix tournament. You all know him as Artemis Eclipse..Divine knows him as douchebag. Now see, douchebag and Divine spent time together in ICW, and during that time, Divine thought Eclipse was a decent guy during that time. And Divine doesn't mean "good guy or bad guy" type of decent guy, no..Divine meant Artemis was a decent human being. But the longer Divine spent with the guy, Divine realized more and more this guy was a tool. Then ICW closed. Then after that came a company called SRW.

    *All of the fans now chant what.*

    Divine: Oh Divine is sorry. Do you all not know what SRW was? Oh...that's right, SRW was around about as long as a blink of the eye.

    *Divine glares into the camera, and blinks.*

    Divine: Just like that, SRW was gone, and replaced by an even better company called IWA. Now, let Divine give you some history on these companies. Divine's good friend is the man behind IWA, and Artemis's good friend was behind SRW. Now, when people heard IWA was coming, they left SRW in droves, literal droves! Have you all been on a sinking ship, where the captain won't admit it was a sinking ship? Or even better, have any of you been in a car that just won't start? That's what SRW was. That company, everything and everyone behind it, might have been a great idea in concept, but much like most of the things Eclipse is associated with, it just never has that spark to really get going. Divine means, look at BITW. Eclipse's buddy behind SRW, is now 1/2 of the power behind BITW, and where has the company gone? Oh...that's freaking place!

    *Divine has a look of anger on his face.*

    Divine: Now, after all of this debacle, Eclipse became a huge prick. Talking as much trash as he could about anyone associated with IWA. Now, let's face facts. Divine has been a part of HWA, JBW, EWNCW, and ICW, but when the dice roll and it all comes to the surface, ICW and IWA has been Divine's home, so anyone talking trash on that company, is a chumpette in Divine's book. So, Eclipse goes on talking all kinds of smack, and for the longest time, Divine has bit his tongue, being told by other wrestlers "Don't play into his games, don't sink to his level", and for the longest time, Divine has sat idly by, keeping his mouth shut, but that was until he came across this.

    *Divine reaches into his back pocket, pulling something out. He unfolds it, holding it in his hands.*

    Divine: Now for those who don't know, in wrestling, there are what is called scripts. Mainly what happens when. Well, a few weeks back, Divine got his hands on this script.

    *Divine puts the script to the screen of the camera, and we see the words, BITW 1: Kingdom Come*

    Divine: Divine did some reading of this script and the one thing that caught Divine's eye was a moment midway through. It's where the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz, and Artemis Eclipse, get a chance to speak. A side note in there, is roughly about 10 to 20 minutes for Eclipse to share any of his thoughts. That's called a shoot. That's what's happening now. So, when Divine read this, Divine knew that Eclipse was going to take the chance to talk trash on Divine, Divine's friend behind IWA, and anyone else who Divine calls a friend. So, when Divine was asked by Jason Myers to come to the Grand Prix, Divine accepted. Divine came here, and agreed to this, simply to prove one thing. As big as Artemis Eclipse might ever think he will become, Divine will always.....let me bigger and better than Eclipse. Now, Arty, you could prove Divine wrong tonight and win this tournament, but frankly, Divine thinks either Israel Pamich or Brock Edwards is going to walk away with the cup. If you happen to though, you can go home, or better yet, you can go back to that piss poor company you call a home, BITW, and hold your little cup, and watch, as Divine tares through Kyojin, and all the other competitors in the second tournament, to become a grand prix cup holder. When it's all said and done, Divine will always be better than you chumpette. Know this Arty, when the day comes, because with people like us, it's not a matter of if, just a matter of when...when our paths cross, whether it be later in 2013 in the culmination of these tournaments, or anywhere else, when we finally go 1 on 1 for the first time ever....Divine will drop you on your ass and make you look like the punk ass bitch we all know you truly to be. Best of luck Arty, you are going to need it.

    *Divine drops the mic, as the fans explode as Divine stands holding the JBW championship high into the air.*

    Madison: Well there you have it.Chris Divine is the last man on Grand Prix

    Chris Mason: This is the only thing you have to say after what you just heard?
    Nevertheless EWN Grand Prix continues with our first semifinal of the right after this break.


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    Chris Mason: Welcome back folks on EWN Grand Prix.We are gonna take you back and show to you what happened earlier today, backstage with Luke Jameson.

    *Luke Jameson is shown in his locker room, wearing a three piece suit, while yelling at some guy in a suit*

    Jameson: THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! WHOEVERS HOSTING THIS THING DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT THEIR TALENT!!! I am adding actual star power to this thing, unlike any of the other "wrestlers" you brought here, and you all have the audacity to not get me what I demanded. Where is my Crystal on ice? Where is the cattering? Where is my M&...

    Some guy: But...Mr. Jameson...we got you the fruit basket...

    *The camera turns from Jameson and the other guy and looks at a fruit basket sitting on a table*

    Jameson: The fruit basket? That thing is an absolute mockery of its name. Look at it.

    *Jameson walks over to the basket*

    Jameson: There's like one apple in there. The rest of the space is occupied by fatty candy and gift cards to freakin Western Sizzlin. WESTERN SIZZLIN!!!

    Other Guy: Western Sizzlin is a great restaurant...

    Jameson: That place is filled with fat...lazy slobs and it serves steaks. I'm a vegan JACKASS!!!

    Jackass: It has a salad bar.

    *Jameson just stares at the man for a few moments*

    Jameson: I am going to win this tournament. I already proved that by beating Hanz Gruber and I'm going to prove it again by beating Israel Pamich's ass tonight. For now...I'm going to show you how I fell about this fruit basket...

    *Jameson grabs the top of the fruit basket and swings it at the mans face. The man tries to cover himself from Jamesons attacks . Jameson continues attacking as candy and gift cards are flying out and the basket breaks apart. Jameson then grabs a apple as the man tries to leave the room. Jameson throws the apple like a pitcher and it explodes against the mans back. The man falls through the door before the camera centers back on Jameson. He's staring right at frame...*

    Jameson: Israel...prepare yourself. By the end of the night, you are going to feel pain, humiliated...and humbled because I am Luke Jameson and I am better than you.

    Madison: Well that was...Let's say interesting.

    Chris Mason: Well Christy Hemme is in the back with the always interesting Israel Pamich.

    Jack Madison: Hi Christy!

    *Christy Hemme is looking rather intrigued as she is meeting Israel for the very first time*

    Hemme: Well I have with me one of the men who will be in the Semi Final of the EWNGP Israel Pamich and momments away with his match vs Luke Jameson.Israel it is a real honor to meet you

    Israel: That I would assume would be the best part of your job wouldn't it be Christy?

    Hemme: Urrr yeah of course

    Israel: Do not worry Christy I actually have respect for you because you have worked extremely hard over a long period of time to get here today, Just like I have done.

    Hemme: Thank you Israel, Now your opponent Luke Jameson many would feel is the dark horse in this tournament though after beating Hanz Gruber do you see him as a threat?

    Israel: I see Luke Jameson as much of a threat as Sagittarius Blue or HolyJose or Hanz Gruber, these guys are all out of the tournament because they either did not have the heart for this tournament, they lacked integrity or they just couldnt get the job done.

    At least Luke Jameson has chosen a profession and stuck at it unlike my quarter final opponent and for that he has shown a little Integrity though there have been a couple of wrestlers in the back who are going to watch this match eagerly and that's Brock Edwards and Artemis Eclipse and the only person they are scouting is me because they both know it will be me that one of them faces in the final and both have shown little interests in Luke Jameson and so they shouldn't.

    Hemme: So you are saying that Luke Jameson has lost already?

    Israel: What I am saying to you Christy and these people in the arena tonight and everyone fortunate enough to afford EWN cable is that it is my desire to win this tournament and this tournament means the world to me unlike Luke Jameson who has not done any press talks, has not even mentioned this tournament, If I was a betting man which I am certainly not because I have far more respect for my money then these people here, I would bet that Luke Jameson could even care less about this tournament and when the brackets were released did not consider me a threat, well Christy not only am I a threat to Luke Jameson I am the clear favorite to advance to the final and then we will see true Integrity.

    Hemme: One last question Israel, there seems to be more then one person in this tournament who thinks you will not win this tournament? what is your message to them and to the people at home that think you don't have a chance?

    Israel: Before I answer that Hemme let me assure you that I am far to dignified to care what the other wrestlers and the fans think, In saying that though I am sure that when the names of the first 8 people vying to become the EWNGP champion everyone was certain that I could not advance, Sagittarius definitely made it clear I could not win this tournament, Brock Edwards is not shy in thinking I have no chance in this tournament and according to Artemis Eclipse his final was against HolyJose in the first round and while I have the utmost respect for HolyJose... where is he tonight? He is no more a member of this tournament then you are Christy, Sagittarius is no longer a part of this tournament and after tonight, There will only be 2 people vying for the EWNGP crown and one of those men is going to be me.

    Tonight I make my claim for the crown, tonight I deliver brutal Strength through poetic motion and tonight I become THE WINNER of the EWNGP tournament.

    Hemme: Thank you very much for your time Israel.

    Luke Jameson!!!

    *Luke Jameson comes out first to big amount of boos from the fans.He shows no interest to the fans reaction, as he walks down the ramp and into the ring*

    Mark Cooper:
    The following semifinal round match is set for one fall,the winner of the match will advance to the final round of EWN Grand Prix.Introducing first from
    Oakland, California Luuuke Jaaameeessssooonn...

    Chris Mason: Luke Jameson is coming from a big win against Hanz Gruber.

    Madison: Luke Jameson beat a champion last week and now he is one win away from tonight's finals match of Grand Prix.

    Israel Pamich

    *Israel Starts walking up the ramp with a cocky smirk on his face.Some of the fans are booing Israel who slowly walks down the ramp then climbs the steel steps and into the ring.*

    Cooper: And he's opponent from
    Trebinje, Herzegovina Iiiiisrael Paaaamiiiich!

    Madison: Pamich is also coming from a huge win vs Sagittarius Blue.

    Chris Mason: He actually used a low blow to win his match.

    Madison: He won the match end of story

    (Sheamus/Jameson vs ADR/Pamich start at 2:32 stop at 7:15)

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    Kyojin: Chris. Fucking. Divine. I'd say I'm worried but I'd be lying. Bring it on Chris. It's time for the rematch that ever single person wants to see. It's time for the two most creative guys to go one-on-one, and only one will survive past the first round. Now trust me, I know how good you are but I'm telling you now, that'll be me.

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    Jameson kicks out before the count of two and Israel immediately locks the half nelson submission hold on Jameson.The Ref asks Luke if he wants to quit and Jameson answers with a "NO".Jameson slowly tries to get on his feet and with a few elbows to the body he is able to break Pamich's hold.Jameson now charges from the ropes with a closeline but Pamich avoids it and as Jameson turns Pamich connects with a closeline of his own.Pamich goes for the cover again..



    Chris Mason: Pamich is controlling this match from the start.

    Madison: He's doing an excellent job keeping the big man down.

    Jameson kicks out again at two and Pamich goes again for the half nelson.Jameson is in a world of pain as Pamich tries to put more pressure on the hold.Jameson fights once again to his feet and with a few punches to the ribs breaks the hold.Pamich responds with a big punch but Jameson comes back with a couple of big forearms sending Pamich to the corner and then he connects with a corner closeline.He takes a few steps back, grabs Pamich and nails him with spinning neckbreaker slam.Jameson doesn't go for the cover and he picks Pamich up only to hit him with a Dominator Style Spinebuster.This time Luke covers....




    Madison: Did you see Pamich's head bouncing on the canvas?That was even faster than Lebron when he dribbles the ball.

    Israel barely kicks out before the count of three.And now Jameson heads to the corner.The big man climbs the corner and waits for a few seconds for Pamich to get up.Jameson goes for a big shoulderblock but Pamich out of instinct reverses the move to a big European Uppercut(like Cesaro's).Pamich covers...




    Cooper: Here is your winner and advances to the final round of Grand Prix 1 Iiiisraeel Paaammicchhh!

    Madison: Holy shit what an impact!Wow.....

    Chris Mason: Israel advances to the final with a big win over Luke Jameson.And now Israel can go in the back and wait to find out who is gonna face later tongiht Eclipse or Edwards.

    Madison: I'm still amazed with the ending of this match.What a great win for Pamich.


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    Brock Edwards

    *The cameras are back from the commercial break and outcomes Brock Edwards to a chorus of boos. He has a huge smirk on his face. Half way down the entrance ra
    mp he reaches down his pants and grabs the same pair of brass knuckles from last week. He then puts them on and punches the air, before he continues to head to the ring. Once he is in the ring Brock asks for a mic and receives the mic.*

    Brock: Last week, I proved all the haters wrong. Everyone had their money on Ano Doom advancing. No one thought I would be standing here tonight as a semi-finalist. All except one person and that person is..... ME! You see I told you all that I would advance this far and beyond, but you all ignored me. However, you all call my victory a fluke. And why? Cause I used some brass knuckles to win. Well, let me tell you this, I in no manner cheated. Last week I used the brass knuckles to make a statement. I made a point with them. I proved that none of this people in this tournament are what they say. None of them are as tough, bad, better, or whatever as they say. While I on the hand am. I am the biggest, toughest, baddest motherfucker here. I showed everyone that I definitively am the best this tournament has to offer. Brock Edwards is the man to beat. Not Pamich, not not HolyJose, not, Blue, not Ano Doom, not Gruber, not Jameson, and especially not Artemis Eclipse. You see Artemis Eclipse beat an old timer. Nothing more. He beat him in the worst match of the year. God was that an awful match. I even saw someone tweet a picture of them shit out of their mouth during the match. Yet, this idiots here decided to make this match the Main Event. What is wrong with people? That awful match got to be the main event when last week I was robbed from my rightful spot of being in the main event. But, who cares cause once I win this tournament I will be the one with his rightful spotlight. Not some old timer or a nobody. Just me. But, enough of me cause I know my opponent is here and I want to be original. So, welcome my opponent for tonight. He is the next victim on my list, this man puts people to sleep, unlike me his name will not be remembered after he retires which should be after my match, and this guy sure does not have one interesting thing to say or do. This is Artemis Eclipse.

    Artemis Eclipse

    *Artemis comes out on stage with his hood up and kendo stick in hand like usual. The crowd is chanting:


    Artemis gets a shocked look on his face at the cheers and pulls a microphone out of his hoodie pocket

    Artemis: I think the crowd introduced me for me. It was completely unexpected but hell, it's happening. Either way.... my career won't be remembered? Are you smoking crack again Brock? I mean seriously, lets take a look here:

    ICW Insanity Champion
    ICW X-Treme Champion
    EWA Mayhem TV Champion

    And I had an AWF Championship as well in there somewhere but lets be honest, no one remembers that brand. Right HJ? Now, unlike you I beat my opponent last week in a grueling helluva match. You say it was boring but that's because like the great Ric Flair says, You don't know a wristlock from a wrist watch. I'm not mad at you for being retarded though, you can't help it unfortunately. What I will do though is come down there and beat you to a pulp and move on so I can win this tournament and prove exactly who in the hell I am.

    *Artemis walks down the ramp as Brock goes to talk again...*

    Brock: Whoa! Before you get in here big dog. Please lose that kendo stick. Or you not man enough to beat me. You know what? I'll throw away this brass-knuckles. *Brock then proceeds to take them off and throw them to the floor.* Now, that we got that out of the way. What the fuck is wrong with this people? Have you all experience some sort of brain damage before? Cause really no one wants to see this never was, never gonna be, or ever was loser. Just look at him. Artemis looks worst than all you people.

    *The crowd then start to boo Brock.*

    Brock: Eclipse, you said that I might be high or whatever. However, it's this people are the ones who have lost their damn mind. Also, all those accomplishments mean shit to me. Great you won some titles. However, I currently make more money than anyone in the wrestling world. Also, you say that you'll advance by beating me tonight. I don't think so. Cause you see, I will advance beat the shit out of everyone idiot who dares stand in my way.

    *Artemis begins laughing at Brock.*

    Artemis: You make the most money in the wrestling world? HAHAHAHAHA!! I can name 5 people off the top of my dome that make more than you and I'm definitely one of them. Do you know HOW to make money in the "wrestling world" you fucking moron? You HAVE to get Championships. Championships mean you draw, they mean you carry things. You on the other hand are a fucking nimrod who can't draw a stick figure let alone asses in seats.

    Again, you completely fail to realize who I am you dumb bastard now you want to lose the brass knucks, cool. I don't use the kendo stick unless provoked anyway and you, you're not anything for me to worry about bitchtits. Now, lets stop fucking talking and let me bash your face into the ground with the palm of my hand. Ring the fucking bell ref...

    *Brock stops the referee from ringing the bell.*

    Brock: Hold on there. You won't ring that bell until I tell you to do so. You see Eclipse, I ain't finished talking to you. You sir are sorrily mistaken that I ain't the most paying wrestler in the world. Where do you get your facts? Oh yeah, out of your shithole you call a brain.

    You also claim that I ain't no threat. I remember Ano saying the same and now he is still feeling my punch. However, you won't just feel a beat-down, but a massacre. So, you better prepare little lady. And I say little lady, because you have a......... VAGINA!!!

    Chris Mason: Well no official introduction is needed these men are ready to go.

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    (Lesnar/Edwards vs Eddie/Eclipse start at 8:00 and stop at 19:40)

    Brock gets up to his feet first but he limps because of the injured knee.An injury that Artemis caused earlier in the match.Brock grabs Eclipse and whips him to the corner,he doesn't hit in the corner , instead he runs up the turnbuckle flipping in the air landing on Brock's shoulders and then hits Brock with the dragon rana(huracanrana).Eclipse drops the big man and down and he quickly covers Brock...




    Madison: What the hell was that?

    Chris Mason: I think that was a reverse dragon rana!

    I don't know how in the hell he did that to Brock but it was amazing!

    Brock barely kicks out before the count of three, while the fans are chanting "holy shit".Artemis waits Brock to get up and with a perfect standing dropkick sends him to the corner.He charges and connects with a closeline and then he climbs on the second rope and starts punching Brock to the face.The fans are counting with him.One..Two...Three..Four..Five...Six...Seven...E ight...Nine...He stops at nine, he takes a few steps back and the nails Brock with a superkick to the jaw.He pull Brock to the center and the covers




    Brock manages to kick out again.Artemis signals for the end.He picks Brock up and goes for the Rubix Cube.Brock counters first with a few punches and then with an arm drag sending Eclipse with force to the outside.Brock gets out of the ring followed by the ref he grabs Artemis and whips him to the steel steps.He grabs him once again and this time whips him to the barricade.Artemis crashes hard and Brock with a cocky smile walks in front of the front line fans and screams to them "I'm the next big thing, i'm the first EWNGP champion".The fans boo him loud and then he turns his attention to Artemis grabbing him and sending him back to the ring.He drops an elbow on Artemis chest and he covers Artemis.The ref starts the count and before three Brock picks Artemis head up breaking the count.The crowd boos.

    Chris Mason: Oh i can't believe this guy he is a total jerk.

    Brock gets up and he picks Artemis up for the next(F-5).Artemis counters with a few elbows to the head drops down and then charges from the ropes with a dropkick on Brock's injured leg sending him down.And then hits him with a standing moonsault.He covers...




    Brock again kicks out.Artemis allows Brock to get on his feet and starts hitting him with a combo of kicks on the injured leg.Edwards falls down again and crawls to the ropes.Artemis continues with kick but the ref gets in the middle pulling Artemis back to the center.Brock is reaching for something in his pants and he takes out the brass knucks.

    Chris Mason: Oh no, not those damn brass knuckles again!Ref you gotta do something.

    He charges for the brass knucks punch but the ref realizes what Brock is about to do and grabs his arm taking the brass knucks from his hand.The ref goes to the corner to give the knucks to some guy outside and while his back was turned Artemis hits with a low kick the distracted Brock.He quickly picks him up and nails him with the Rubix Cube.He screams to the ref to turn.The ref covers...

    Madison:Artemis cheated he should have been dq.

    Mason: Artemis is gonna do it!




    Madison: What the hell he cheated.This is not fair

    Chris Mason: The ref never saw anything that means he won cleanly

    Madison: I hate you Chris

    Chris Mason: Nevertheless that was a huge win for Artemis and he will face Israel in the final.He won't have much time to get some rest because the final is right after this commercial break.


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