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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Ali: Well of course that's what I meant ... go fuck yourself Hawk... I'm not that scum Dingo Mac. I will kick your teeth down your throat if you annoy me. But you know. If you manage to make it far enough into the tournament to face me I, I will happily hand you the beating that you so surely deserve to get. Making you disappear will be a great pleasure for the Most Entertaining man Alive. There are a lot of big names in this tournament and all of them think I am joking when I say that I will win. Well each and every one of you will come to realise that I am not a comedy act. I will win this tournament and it will be... Magical.
    Hawk: I am the ultimate aerial predator and anything that dwells on the ground is my target. But in the rare case fools like you decide you want to play in the skies to challenge me, I will send you back to the ground scorched. I take all of my opponents seriously whether I act like it or not, but my goal isn't to win a match, it's to outclass and embarrass my opponents. You want magic? Then watch my first match and see how long it takes me to beat Dixon, because he is going to taste defeat at my hands faster than he lost that world title.



    Mike Hawk
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    Current IWA World Champion (12-15-13 to Present)
    IWA Blackout Champion (3-24-13 to 4-27-14)
    Former JBW Television Champion (12-2-12 to 8-2-13)
    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

    Mixed Emotions (Pride and Sorrow)
    Current EWNCW World Tag Team Champions (4-19-13 to 4-26-14)
    Last EWNCW Grand, Hardcore and International Tag Champions

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