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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    Jari Litmanen, one of the best footballers I ever saw with my own eyes.
    Unfortunately he was so injury prone.

    one the last CL for Ajax
    Hear hear. One of the best of his generation no doubt. I loved watching him play.
    I recall a fairly recent game when he played for Finland against Wales (I think it was one of Toshack's last games in charge *shudders*). Litmanen was 38, or possibly even 39 at the time, but he quite literally ripped the whole Welsh team to shreds on his own and won the game single handedly. I know it didn't exactly take much to beat Wales during the Toshack years, but still, it was an amazing display for a guy his age against a team 10 years and more younger than him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Light View Post
    Cantona. If only players these days were allowed to kung-fu kick any fan who wanted to act like a twat and be racist
    Luis Suarez' teeth might be back in place if Cantona would be around these days

    But King Eric is one of the best foreign players to play in the PL #fact
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