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Thread: Wade Barrett

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    WWE should have kept the WWECW Championshit going,guys like Kofi,Wade Barrett,Gillberg 2012,R-Truth could have used it as a stepping stone from the IC and US titles to the WWE championship and WHC.As well as guys who have fallen down the pecking order like Del Rio.

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    I thought Barrett should have had a run with a main title while the nexus were together but now I think the IC title has gained enough prestige again to be a legitimate reward for now. I'm convinced that he'll be a Wrestlemania main eventer in the future (facing Daniel Bryan as a blow out to a career long rivalry) so I'm in no rush to push him to the top too quick. He's got it all going for him, including having the Manic Street Preachers offering to write and perform a theme for him, so as long as he stays injury free I'm happy to see him in the upper mid card for a while yet.

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    It would be nice to see him have a good run with the I.C. title for awhile, actually defend it on PPVs, drop it to someone who can do the same, and then move onto one of the top belts. Wade will get there, he has too much talent to be looked over.
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    i'm a firm believer that barrett should be a world title main eventer

    but this feud with kofi for the ic title is pointless

    i remember when guys could be high profile without the need for a title
    Shawn Michaels only had 1 world title reign and two tag title reigns that all barely lasted a month
    the rest of the time he was always a high profile wrestler that didn't need a title to be taken seriously

    Barrett, i feel, is like that
    not saying he's as good as Michaels
    but he's better than his current situation


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