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    The classic wrestling games!!!!!! Ps2, n64!!! Yeah baby!!!

    I cannot wait to go home for the holidays and play my newly acquired SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain, (The 1st)SmackDown! vs Raw, and SVR '08.

    And even playing SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth, SVR '06, SVR '07, and if I get the chance, SVR '09 for PS3.

    That'll take me back and calm my jangled nerves. The game I cannot wait to play again is the 1st SmackDown vs Raw again. I remember renting that game when it first came out and loved. Ofcourse THAT got blown out of the water as soon as SVR 06 introduced GM Mode and hooked me good. So many memories to revisit this Christmas.

    What was your favorite classic wrestling games, even N64. The only one I got is WCW/nWo: REVENGE.


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