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    Thumbs up Sandow vs Cena on Main Event: a plus for the Intellectual Savior to the Masses

    So next week on Main Event, it'll be Damien Sandow challenging John Cena in what looks to be a great main event. Damien Sandow also cut a great promo on John Cena last night on Main Event, calling him a false idol and how he'll finally get the opportunity to rid the WWE of John Cena. I'm really digging Damien Sandow's promos and I'd even go as far as to say that hes the top mic worker in the WWE right now. Hes the break-out star of 2012 for sure.

    Damien Sandow is definitely going to get elevated to the main event scene soon and him competing against John Cena is great progression for his character. He has proved that he can work with top main eventers like Randy Orton and Sheamus so he'll surely put on a great showing against Cena next week on Main Event.

    Your thoughts on their match next week on Main Event?
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    More than likely a match set up for Zigs to interfere in. Be nice to see Sandow go over but we all know the likelihood of that

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    Great for Sandow!!! He's gettinga lot of exposure with main eventers, like Sheamus. He won't get the win, but still, love to see him against Cena.

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    Its part of his push which is happening earlier due to Cody being injured.

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    Its a great gimmick, I love the intellectual saviour, holier than thou act...but it has been done so many times, it leaves a slightly sour taste in my mouth. What I can say is; he is the best I've seen in a long time at doing it. Do I see Damien in the Mainevent anytime soon....hell no, I think some midcard solo fueds would work in his favour first, and even a title reign as IC or Tag champ. But there are just too many borderline mainevent guys who deserve their shot before he gets his; ie Ziggler, Barret, Swagger etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    More than likely a match set up for Zigs to interfere in. Be nice to see Sandow go over but we all know the likelihood of that
    agreed, it won't be a clean finish. and cena won't be jobbing to sandow anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubs View Post
    Your thoughts on their match next week on Main Event?
    My thought is that this match will be boring, because Cena will do nothing as usual. Sandow will be in control during 95% of the match, then lose. A beatdown match I won't probably see, and that will probably not be better than this week's The Miz vs Ziggler.

    I know I always say the same thing, but this is what happens everytime so....

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    Sandow is Great! I always wait for him to appear on all the shows..but for some strange reason I could not memorize name for that elbow move of his which Michelle Cole calls every time he delivers it.


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