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    When did it become shameful to be a 'midcarder'

    Hi Everyone,

    Just an open question really...With so many IWC members always pushing for their collective favourites to be 'better utilised' and pushed into the main event, when did it become shameful to be a midcarder?

    To quote my own observations in a Kofi Kingston thread:
    "If each decent midcarder who was vaugly decent were pushed to mainevent level, we would have no midcard. Some people should stay in the midcard, I feel Kofi is one of them, there is no shame in it, people like Rick Rude, Mr Perfect, Ricky Steamboat made a career of it and were legends".

    the questions that keep coming to my mind when I think of the IWC and the Midcards relationship are;

    • What do people feel about the push from the IWC for talent to be placed in the main event?
    • Do you agree there is a group consensus that the mid card is not a real draw anymore, and is therefore in some way a bit shameful?
    • If so Why?

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    I'm guessing when WWE stopped having good midcard storylines everyone got into the attitude that; "If you aren't in the main event, you're basically screwed." For your point given is why I never saw the midcard as a bad thing. Not everyone can be the guy, nor everyone can be a jobber. Everyone has their role and should be able to play it well. There shouldn't be ashameful spell with being a midcarder.

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    I think everyone wants there fave guys in the main event scene.

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    Ricky Steamboat wasn't a midcarder, He won the World Championship in WCW.. if we're talking just WWF/WWE then apologies

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    It just seems like they have two main guys in midcard, the champion and a random challenger.....we have no more number 1 contender matches to build suspense, we have no storyline, no mic sucks! Right now, the mid-card feels like antonio cesaro, r-truth, wade barett, and kofi kingston

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    Being a midcarder has become a negative because the top expanded. There are more people in the main event, so people who can't make a step up are 'less'.

    I personally think it's just a definition thing. The definitions are passed on from the eighties, whilst the (wrestling) world has changed, the definitions stayed more or less the same. Is Kane a constant main eventer or a guy that transits from main event to midcard and back? Is Big Show's belt a main event title or a replacement for the IC-title during the nineties? It's all debatable and more a question of definition than anything else.
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    When did it become shameful to be a 'midcarder'?

    When you keep winning and losing the IC/US Title.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar83 View Post
    When did it become shameful to be a 'midcarder'?

    When you keep winning and losing the IC/US Title.
    *points to Jericho's 9 reigns as IC champ* So, he should be ashamed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    *points to Jericho's 9 reigns as IC champ* So, he should be ashamed?
    Yes he should. His amazing feuds with Rey Mysterio, Christian, and Benoit over the Intercontinental title should be looked down upon.
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    I think it has something to do with the difference between midcarders now and midcarders back then. The midcarders of yesteryear had way more opportunities and longer pushes. And the smaller championships like the cruiser-weight championship held way more meaning to small guys - Which is something guys like Trent Baretta, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, and Evan Bourne could benefit from if they still had it around.

    Alex Riley for example would have been a great midcarder. He had so much steam coming off of him after he split from Miz that he looked as if he was on the verge of surpassing John Cena in popularity. He then later got buried and I haven't seen him on TV since. So I could understand the frustration here.. The creative rarely want to continue a push.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.



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