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    When did it become shameful to be a 'midcarder'

    Hi Everyone,

    Just an open question really...With so many IWC members always pushing for their collective favourites to be 'better utilised' and pushed into the main event, when did it become shameful to be a midcarder?

    To quote my own observations in a Kofi Kingston thread:
    "If each decent midcarder who was vaugly decent were pushed to mainevent level, we would have no midcard. Some people should stay in the midcard, I feel Kofi is one of them, there is no shame in it, people like Rick Rude, Mr Perfect, Ricky Steamboat made a career of it and were legends".

    the questions that keep coming to my mind when I think of the IWC and the Midcards relationship are;

    • What do people feel about the push from the IWC for talent to be placed in the main event?
    • Do you agree there is a group consensus that the mid card is not a real draw anymore, and is therefore in some way a bit shameful?
    • If so Why?

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