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    Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock

    Simple Poll who do you guys like better The Rock or Austin. These two who have had probably the greatest feud in the history of the WWE, which really peaked in the attitude era. These two have had great matches at various Wrestlemania's such as X-7, 19, and 15. These two were the top guys in the Attitude Era who usually get the loudest pops whenever there music hit. But the poll is simply who have you guys always liked better was it the Brama Bull, or the Texas Rattlesnake. Did you guys get more excited when you heard the glass-breaking or the old "Do you smell what the Rock is cookin,". Just vote and post who and why you voted for them.

    I voted for The Rock, growing up I know Austin was the badass but I've always loved The Rock. The way he talked, his entrance music, just made me mark out when ever he came out. I also loved all of The Rocks heel runs such as the ones he had in 2003, and during his time in the Corporation in 1998 and 1999.

    Who do you guys like better.

    EDIT: I accidentally voted for Austin but whatever

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    I voted for The Rock.

    He is charismatic, hilarious, and he was pretty much a main reason why I enjoyed the Attitude Era. Stone Cold is a favorite of mine as well but I was always a Rocky fan more so than Stone Cold.
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    The Rock without question even though Austin was great, but to be honest I always preferred Undertaker to them both lol

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    The attitude era should've really been called the Austin & Rock era. When anyone mentions that time my instant thought is is Austin raising fingers and The Rock raising eyebrows! Hard to pick a favourite to be honest, but I'd say Austin edges it... Just. Nothing typifies attitude more than flipping the bird, drinking beers and kicking the shit out of your boss. Without a doubt though, The Rock is one of, if not the most charismatic guys to ever lace up boots. The feuds these two had were insane, and both rightly deserve their place as legends.

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    Two legends no doubt.A big Austin and Rock fan.But i always liked the Rock more.He's more charismatic more funny and better in the ring than Austin.Also Rock had the looks too

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    Stone Cold for me. He was more of a badass...

    like me.

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Forget about the fact that this man basically ushered in the Attitude Era and was the John Lennon of wrestling in the late 1990's, take a look at his ring work. His grasp on in-ring psychology was surprisingly tuned and if not for Owen Hart botching that piledriver, he wouldn't have had to switch up wrestling styles in order to preserve his career. The Rock was pretty good in the ring too but I always appreciated how Austin was able to adapt and still keep the crowd on the edge of their seats.

    Next, come his mic skills. Stone Cold Steve Austin's mic skills were absolutely incredible. After Bischoff gave him the boot from WCW, he used his real emotions and aggression to refine his mic skills in ECW before he jumped ship to the WWF and once he got time to be on his own after DiBiase left, he was on fire. Every word he said, he spoke with absolute confidence and was able to convey a man who got jerked around one too many times. His rivalries, before turning face at WM 14, with Bret Hart and Brian Pillman, were when he was at his absolute peak. It's easy for people to fake anger in order to get over and prove a point but Austin used real life experiences and crafted it into something that you would want to hear every time he held a microphone. And of course, later down the road, Austin was still witty and funny enough to get enjoyment out of and is one of the few wrestlers to retain his skill years AFTER retirement.

    The Rock was also impressive on the mic. VERY impressive. He had a lot of one liners and catchphrases that captivated audience all around the world and face or heel, he always had the crowd in the palm of his hand. But the thing I really don't like about The Rock is the fact that most of the time, he was never really all the practical. Whenever the time came for him to get serious, the only thing he could really respond with was the fact that his opponent's haircut looked ridiculous or that he was a closet homosexual. He always seemed out of place when he had to oppose someone because his mic styles killed off any tension and made it look like a cartoon-esque farce. In fact, the only time where I remember him when I could take him seriously in a feud was before he became "The Rock" and vs. John Cena.

    Therefore, because of his practicality, mic skills, in-ring work and look, Austin gets my vote.

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    I voted Austin. Even though they are exceptional on the microphone, in the ring and rise to stardom, I have to choose Austin. Why? Because when at their peak Austin always looked like the one pe4son who could legitimately stomp a mudhole and walk it dry. Maybe it was because he's a redneck, maube it was the bald head, maybe it wasn't the over ambitious selling of the stunner or the beard. *shrugs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    two legends no doubt.a big austin and rock fan.but i always liked the rock more.he's more charismatic more funny and better in the ring than austin.also rock had the looks too
    lmao! Wtf?

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin by far...way far


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