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    4 25.00%
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    Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock

    Simple Poll who do you guys like better The Rock or Austin. These two who have had probably the greatest feud in the history of the WWE, which really peaked in the attitude era. These two have had great matches at various Wrestlemania's such as X-7, 19, and 15. These two were the top guys in the Attitude Era who usually get the loudest pops whenever there music hit. But the poll is simply who have you guys always liked better was it the Brama Bull, or the Texas Rattlesnake. Did you guys get more excited when you heard the glass-breaking or the old "Do you smell what the Rock is cookin,". Just vote and post who and why you voted for them.

    I voted for The Rock, growing up I know Austin was the badass but I've always loved The Rock. The way he talked, his entrance music, just made me mark out when ever he came out. I also loved all of The Rocks heel runs such as the ones he had in 2003, and during his time in the Corporation in 1998 and 1999.

    Who do you guys like better.

    EDIT: I accidentally voted for Austin but whatever


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