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    WWE should have kept the WWECW Championshit going,guys like Kofi,Wade Barrett,Gillberg 2012,R-Truth could have used it as a stepping stone from the IC and US titles to the WWE championship and WHC.As well as guys who have fallen down the pecking order like Del Rio.

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    He has what it takes to be the world champion, he's in an organisation that needs transitional champions from time to time and that's his only shot the way I see it. I don't think he could be a good world champion, but he could definitely be a world champion.

    His other way in would be being in the right storyline, Vince held the title once after all, and there's a certain laughable celeb that held the WCW one.

    Of course finally he could stick with the company as long as Mark Henry did and they may feel he's due one, hasn't worked out for everyone on that


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