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    Exclamation Turning Point Prediction Contest Results!

    Here are the prediction contest results from Turning Point. This contest had a maximum of 176 points.

    Bearkg88: 153 points
    MattTY2jHBK: 144 points
    Magglis: 138 points
    MachoManFan: 132 points
    JTrouble: 131 points
    Trips: 128 points
    Maar13: 123 points
    Mr. Ziggles: 121 points
    Monctonvike: 120 points
    Dr. Death: 119 points
    Cabers: 119 points
    Joonny: 117 points
    Rockstar83: 117 points
    Shaz11: 117 points
    Dubs: 116 points
    TNAFAN727: 113 points
    TheGreatOne: 109 points
    YOUcanCALLmeCrack: 106 points
    Cy1911: 106 points
    Butch magnus: 105 points
    Deuce137: 104 points
    Wrestlingfan66513: 101 points
    rick74251: 100 points
    LMPunker: 100 points
    Kaisered: 100 points
    Y2Jandy: 98 points
    Steveorton: 98 points
    Kersh: 93 points
    Sicksnuff71: 91 points
    TheSneakiness: 91 points
    Akbar: 90 points
    Darkside Ron Garvin: 89 points
    CM Rock-Austin: 89 points
    Lewism173: 84 points
    Robareid: 78 points
    VanHooliganX: 76 points
    Am I Strange?: 76 points
    Ljd90: 74 points
    TheTruth: 72 points
    TheMizIsMichaelCole: 71 points
    Sahu: 65 points
    Body slam: 53 points
    qtethervnnvrmre: 38 points
    AWrestlingGod: 36 points

    Congratulations bearkg88, you have won by a very big margin and something tells me this isn't your first win. Good job man.

    The Survivor Series contest will be done tomorrow.

    I'll update the overall rankings shortly.
    Go to, the site I take the questions from, and sign up and join the EWN League, in the league section on the left hand side of the screen.

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    Ah crap so close to win again.Still 2nd place is awesome though

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    Jesus Christ..

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    Terrible just terrible

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    Ranked higher than I thought I would

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    I did it on fourdown, but got 101 so in the middle



    Mike Hawk
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    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

    Mixed Emotions (Pride and Sorrow)
    Current EWNCW World Tag Team Champions (4-19-13 to 4-26-14)
    Last EWNCW Grand, Hardcore and International Tag Champions

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    Third! The bronze position that must mean I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    Divas to believe in.

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    YEA! im in 16 place
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    Congrats too all, but next month I'll be taking the top spot.
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