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    Khali wouldn't benefit from going to developmental, he's not even an wrestler anymore. He's a 'dancing' sideshow act WWE likes to whip out with Hornswoggle when they have 5 minutes to fill, and can't be bothered putting on a real match.
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    If they could raise the profile and "prestige" of NXT as a brand - in it's own right, not as an extension of the main roster, as it were, then yes. Because there would be less associated 'shame' with being 'sent down' and title runs there could be seen as lending a certain legitimacy to a wrestlers career.
    The only problem here is that NXT is an "affiliate/development" program that is supposed to be separate from the main shows. They interlock, but it's generally to introduce the "future" stars to the WWE audience, under a smaller banner. I think they shouldn't be so hasty in calling people up, and just take their time with talents to make sure they are ready! Unfortunately, the writers (Vince more so) don't have any real long term plans, so this is unlikely to happen for a while.

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    John Cena...... but being serious I would send or keep Big E Langston in FCW/NXT for a while more.... Maybe send Tensai and let him dominate FCW for a few months as well....
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