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    Hey Sahu, thanks for the education. Us stupid americans sometimes SMH LOL.

    Now as for people saying the turban "doesn't fit in the southern rock band" Slater hasn't said anything about his band being a southern rock bank since the group formed. True he said it in the past, when he was solo, so IMO people are just assuming. As of now he has just said they are a band, as far as I know. Look at real music bands. All bands aren't always a group a guys who look the same and are from the same place.

    And in wrestling wise, not every sucessful group has to exactly match to work. Look at Roadkill and Danny Doring, Justin Credible and Lance Storm etc. I think everyone is just to focused on the turban and that's too bad because since Jinder joined 3MB and has had some promo time I've liked him twice as much as I did before, but then again someone will always find a reason to complain.


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