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    thought miz would have given us a new title but he didnt and we never found out what was in rileys breifcase

    yes yes yes

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    Any title belt looks great on Punk.

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    Attitude Era Belt > Spinning piece of shit
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    The problem with the current WWE belt is that it's thick, fugly, and gaudy. I really wanted them to use that as an exclusive belt for Cena. They did it for Edge (Rated R Belt) and Miz (M belt). If Punk gets it, he should get his own exclusive one. It should be throw back to the traditional styles. A thinner belt with no or little gems. Maybe have an imprint of his fists on it. I was a big fan of the Smoking Skull belt. Punk should have one like that with his own style. The WWE's new belt should be a remake of their early 90's belt. Make a few changes to give it a modern feel, but that's it.
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    Punk is gonna lose but then try to take the belt anyway. Cena will have won though thereby rendering the belt meaningless. He'll debut with the new championship. Just to be on the safe side Punk won't actually be able to take the old belt I don't think. He'll lose it somehow. Probably they all will. something will happen. and then everyone will be like :O but then they get the new one.
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    nothing really wrong with this belt that they had before........i know you all want the winged eagle belt, but it says "world heavyweight champion" on it and they would have to modify it because Smackdown is the "heavyweight champion".

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    ^^^The WWE spinner belt isn't ugly, it just looks better on certain people but i'll admit, this title DOES NOT fit most people on there roster. I'll say bringing the new belt could happen at MITB or Wrestlemaina. That's the only perfect time to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtremetothemax View Post
    Do you guys think there will be a new wwe championship coming in the wwe? If punk does win, and he does take the title, i think they will introduce a new title belt. Thoughts on this?
    proble said but i think thats really there plan to introduce a new belt

    they need something that is original and looks like its the top prize

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    Lets just hope they don't make it those horrible looking tag belts

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    I honestly smell a unification type situation... One world champ. No brands, and a jericho return to face punk at wreslemania.


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