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    There should be no personalized belts at all. If they loose it doesn't fit the new champ. Any belt designed for Cena sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHENOMINAL ENIGMA View Post
    Really i thought the US was worse then the WWE spinner
    I liked it because that was where Cena belonged it suited his character at the time.

    - Eve's arse atleast now we can look forward to Divas matches.
    Even Maryse cant resist watching her shake her arse

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    Ive never seen anything wrong with the current wwe championship
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    Yeah I just did that

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    I just wish they would make a new one. It was cool when Cena first introduced it bc he put his own "spin" on it (pun intended), but now its gotten old and it doesn't even spin anymore. Just go back to a traditional looking belt. I, for one, would prefer it if they went back to the WWF Attitude era championship.
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    I never liked personally desinged belts..... the only one tha tI liked that was remotly close to personally desinged was When the Warrior changed the color of the strap to match his outfits that was pretty cool, but the actual Design of the medal of the belt should not be changed.

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    I hope they change it too, I have never have liked it's current design and besides that it is just time for a change. Maybe a CM Punk themed title with his logo on it, or even better IMO a more traditional belt that can stand the test of time.

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    Long Overdue

    365 days Cm Punk has been WWE champion...the way i see it what better way to celebrate than to debut a new championship....the spinner title that doesnt spin is so played out and was made for John looks stupid on everyone else.....i think a lot of u guys agree that its long overdue and its time for a new top prize....and i think tonight since its day 365 would be a good night to do it....

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    I kind of hope cm punk does a pepsi logo spinner so I can get on here on Tuesday and hear a riot.

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    From what I have read, Orange County Choppers is making a new WWE championship belt. Why them I have no clue since they build bikes and not belts. But it would be nice to have Punk come out this Monday and have a new belt.

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    I hope he comes out with a purple belt with his face on it.

    I feel like they missed a great opportunity to debut the new belt when Punk was complaining about not being in the main event and the champion being devalued. Better late then never.


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