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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    Its 4 in the morning give me a break lol
    Got to love timezones. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    Ripping off TNA? lol If anything they are ripping off themselves from 2 years ago. Some guys from NXT invade and attack during the main event causing havoc.

    Anyway looking forward to seeing where this goes, not sure about Reigns though.

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    Nice and unexpected ending!! Can't wait to see what happens with Seth, Dean, and Reigns. Going to watch Raw tomorrow for sure.

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    The only ppv I didn't buy or watch all year and I miss Ambroses debut..

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    Honestly even though i didnt see it personally it sounds like one the most unpredictible endings to a wwe PPV main event in a long time! ,, not to mention the fact that it happened at survior series, must mean good looking future for those 3.

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    I couldn't have cared anymore of them debuted. I just wait for the hate threads, baby!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    I pray Dean Ambrose doesn't become Punks lackey and can talk for himself. I hope when he abandons Punk he can stay Heel. He is the future.

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    It looks like Nexus all over again, with Ryback replacing Cena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Why Kaitlyn no win?! D: She looked like a bad ass chick with those pants. I guess someone got the memo on not just being a pretty face in hot pants.

    Kaitlyn isnt pretty what the hell does everyone see in her , she looks like a guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    Kaitlyn isnt pretty what the hell does everyone see in her , she looks like a guy
    She could gorilla press me like its nothing.


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