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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    Rob, I officially love you. xD
    You're in Rob...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetheme View Post
    Sorry, but the ending to the PPV was garbage IMO. I understand the long title reign and holding off for the Rock at the Rumble but come on. It seems like that's the only way that Punk can keep the title now by getting some type of help. So is he gonna do the "I had no part of it" crap again or is he gonna man up and at least help them launch their careers and not to get beat up by Ryback with a 3 on 1 handicap match at Raw or TLC.

    Best moments of the night when I marked out was miz getting pinned by Del Rio which was awesome, and Team Ziggler winning overall. So many thought that miz was going to be the soul survivor and be launched as a big face which I just can't see happening since he's a whiny little bitch. Now Ziggler needs to beat miz on The Main Event, cash in at TLC or at the rumble.

    Show vs Sheamus was pretty good, and at least that ending extends the feud.

    Knew that Truth didn't stand a chance. The U.S. Title is reserved for Swagger when he gets back.
    you are aware that if Miz switches to being a face he would stop being as you say a whiny little bitch

    also punk has won enough title matches cleanly for them to make up for the ones that he wins by help
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    Red face Trio of excellence... Survivor Series

    A surprise end of survivor series.. Best in the World retains.. That's good.. He pinned Cena... Okay.. And the most interesting part was three guys out of nowhere came and attacked Ryback.

    1. Seth ROllins : The current NXT champion... Do i need to give his introduction i don't think so.. The future of WWE for sure..
    2. Dean Ambrose : The long awaited debut of Dean Ambrose. The next best Heel in my estimation..
    3. Roman Reins : This guy was a surprise for me atleast. I hadnt seen him much or know about i won't comment much.

    I am really interested in the storyline and how they are gonna be used..are they "The Paul Heyman Guys"?? Or there is something else behind this attack.
    Thoughts please... ????

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    cant wait to see Nexus & 8's attack randoms

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    I vote for something I saw on here, 'Kings & 9s'!

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    This could be awesome!!

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    I was surprised at Roman Reigns inclusion in this its intriguing though!

    Would have liked Kassius Ohno but still Ambrose & Rollins!

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    Just woke up, these 4am finishes really put my day outta whack. Anyway, random thoughts:

    Didn't care for the opening elimination match, bar the PTP's and Tyson Kidd, not really a fan of any of the other guys involved in it, but a solid opener and a good end to the match with all the high flyers hitting their finishers.

    Antonio Cesaro continues to bring undoubted class to the U.S. Title. Would love to see him feud with someone big like Orton or Miz to put him over to the next level. Can't see any of them two dropping to midcard though.

    Sheamus v Show was never going to live up to their last battle at the last PPV. Decent, physical, nothing spectacular, although great to see a very aggressive side of Sheamus, trying to beat the Rock's record of number of chair shots at a PPV!

    The crowd last night loved Ziggler. Plenty of DZ shirts and signs. Seemed a heel friendly crowd. What DID stand out was after Sheamus brutalised Show with the chair was the long "WE WANT ZIGGLER!" chants as Showed crawled back to the showers. I couldn't see him cashing in BEFORE his SS elimination match, but a nice tease for the casual fans non the less. Didn't like Sandow getting buried in the elimination match, but DELIGHTED to see Ziggler get a big win!

    Punk is now 365 days champion. Well done WWE for seeing this through and making the title MEAN something again. When Punk eventually loses it, probably within the next 3 PPV's (my money is on the Rumble), it will be a HUGE deal. I'm not a fan of Cena but its good to see him putting guys like Ryback and indeed Punk over.

    Finally, it was AWESOME to see Rollins and Ambrose FINALLY debut on the main roster. Not overly familiar with Reigns, but the more new blood given a chance the merrier. People like Bryan, PTP's, Gabriel, Barrett, Sandow, Cesaro show that the WWE's development programme (FCW and NXT) can produce top stars. Excited to see what these 3 bring to the table. Nexus v.2 with Punk taking back the role as leader?

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    The funny part is that the "FANS" wanted Rollins and Ambrose so bad in the main roster.And they was complaining about that all the time."When are we gonna see them" and stuff like that.Now WWE brought to the main roster with a huge push coming.But still they found something to complain about

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    When the second 5 v 5 match ended I was so disappointed, I thought that Ambrose would have been a perfect replacement for Rhodes but then when he didn't interfere either I was a bit gutted lol.

    But when those three guys came in I instantly knew one of them was Ambrose, and was praying the other two were Ohno and Rollins. Two out of three ain't bad and this Roman Reigns guy looks pretty dominant so no complaints from me. Here's hoping the WWE does something to further THEIR careers and not Rybacks.

    PS: Brad Maddox totally put them up to it, not Paul Heyman.
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