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    The EWNPC Race To WrestleMania Elimination Tournament 12/13

    Yes, back again . And I've generated an online bracket! OoooooOOOoooh!

    Anyway, if you missed out last time, this is just another bit of naff, running alongside the Prediction Contest. You don't have to do anything different, or do something else in addition. Your points from your PPV prediction entries will be what is used in deciding if you advance, or not.

    This is the Cup competition, if you will. They have something similar in Fantasy Football Leagues, e.g. the League Cup in the Fantasy League I have been in for the last two years.

    This will be a 'Race to WrestleMania', because it is intended that the Final will end on the WrestleMania PPV prediction contest. The current Top 32 members, in the current Overall Rankings after HIAC, have qualified now that there are five PPV's remaining (including Survivor Series and WM). And the Top 32 will determine the seedings, and ultimately the draw and matchups.

    Here are the standings so far, beginning from Royal Rumble 2012 up to, and after, Hell in a Cell 2012:

    (1) Cabers: 1242 points
    (2) Lowki: 1204 points
    (3) Impercua: 1180 points
    (4) LMPunker: 1173 points
    (5) Androo: 1143 points
    (6) ItswrestlingIwantblood: 1134 points
    (7) Steveorton: 1132 points
    (8) bearkg88: 1124 points
    (8) Gameover: 1124 points
    (10) Mr. Ziggles: 1111 points
    (11) The Hit Man: 1110 points
    (12) Wrestlingfan66513: 1099 points
    (13) CM Rock-Austin: 1097 points
    (14) KJ Punk: 1093 points
    (15) Trips: 1090 points
    (16) Shaz11: 1072 points
    (17) ChosenOne: 1071 points
    (18) K2Jelly: 1056 points
    (19) Magglis: 1054 points
    (20) JYoungson: 1053 points
    (21) VanHooliganX: 1036 points
    (22) MattTY2JHBK: 1018 points
    (23) Nafeesgreat1: 1004 points
    (24) Skilletboi: 954 points
    (25) Vinnienfg: 951 points
    (26) Daffy Duck’s Finest: 949 points
    (27) Y2Jandy: 941 points
    (28) No_1eddiefan: 924 points
    (29) MachoManFan: 921 points
    (30) Macnchz007: 919 points
    (31) Pauldwku: 914 points
    (32) Dr. Death: 903 points

    As stated earlier, it's basically just what your score is in the contest determines if you "beat" your "opponent", lol. Winners determined by the total points scored by the individual member in the current month’s PPV, whoever gains the most points between the two members in their match-up will progress. If there's a tie in points, then it should go down to who predicted the most correct winners of scheduled matches, seeing as that is what carries the most amount of points in the contest itself.

    Emmmm...I can't think of much else? If there is anything...ehhh...ask? Whatever.

    What is the point of it? Well...there is none. It is a bit of fun, just like the actual contest itself. Plus it gets some people involved in a bit competition, who might not be involved in the top 10, or so, spots in the actuall Overall Contest. Mainly to amuse myself.

    Here is the image showing the tournament brackets, with the first round match-up draw shown (right-click, zoom, if you feel like it):


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