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    I voted Barrett because he's the only guy on that list has a TINY chance of becoming WWE Champion towards the end of 2013. But I highly doubt it.

    Had this list been for possible first time World Heavyweight Champions, it would've made more sense.

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    Barrett Barage
    I'm jus sayin...

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    that was the point 1st time whc is not in my eyes as good as 1st time wwe champ, they gave it to sheamus before whc win, so does happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    He's come closer every year, from being second to last in the Royal Rumble 2011, to being in the final two in the Elimination Chamber, he almost grabbed the briefcase that year to. Who knows what he can accomplish this year.

    Then again he may get released. But fingers crossed something happens.
    If Santino becomes WWE or WH Champion with his current comedic gimmick, I'll eat my hat.
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    On the list? I see Barrett most likely WWE Champion, but like Tommy said. I'd like to see Punk hold onto it for another year.

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    i would love to see morrison return and win it

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    Brad Maddox, mark my words...

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    I believe that both Ryback and Dolph will be world champions. I also believe that Wade Barrett will eventually hold either belt. Sandow is like my fav right now along with Daniel Bryan. Love to see any of these happen.

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    It should be The Rock or the dream scenario I wouldn't mind would be Jeff Hardy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne View Post
    It should be The Rock or the dream scenario I wouldn't mind would be Jeff Hardy!
    both of those seem equally likely to me


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