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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    The Aussie Wilfred doesn't stack up quite as well as the new version but I HIGHLY recommend you go download the whole U.S. season 1 right now
    This came out of leftfield for me. They're showing the US version on BBC3 over here. I caught an episode and really enjoyed it. So I went to go download the entire series. Without me even realising untill I sat down to watch it, I had downloaded the Aussie original. Which I thought was a lot better. Obviously the US version with Frodo, has a lot higher production values and whanot. But the Aussie version was a hell of a lot darker, weirder and pretty fucking twisted!

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    They are definetly 2 different shows, the point you make about the aussie version is spot on. But you must also realise the aussie and british versions of humour are more similar than those of our stateside counterparts

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    No more Walking Dead till February!!!!!!

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! !!!

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    No more Walking Dead until Feb.? Meh, I'll live (funny lil' ironic play there, HAH!). No more Treme until next season? BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Then after the 4th, no more altogether? GAAAAHHHHH double BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh well, I had to survive after The Wire ended, I've got to manage. [BRING BACK THE WIRE!!!]

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    For anyone who hasnt heard of it (id guess just us in the UK) Community is one of the best new comedies ive seen for ages i highly recommend it and is the best US comedy at the minuter apart from P and R.

    Chevy Chase is in it and ive never found that guy funny but as Pierce Hawthorne the man is a GOD.

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    No Walking Dead until February?!? Whats that about?!?! I hate the break US TV shows take mid-season. I was looking forward to a new HIMYM but it's not on until next week.

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    FUCK! And Boardwalk is wrapping up the season soon too! Really enjoyed this season. Alot more characters entering the fray to get into. Out of the NEW faces so far, I think I enjoyed seeing the most - Charlie Cox's Irish fella, and Manny the Jewish butcher. I also actually kinda like Doyle now, he's sort of underrated and underestimated, but he's actually great at what he does.

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    Has anyone seen the HBO series Carnivale?

    I just would appreciate any opinions on it if possible.

    Thank You

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    anyone ever watch Rules of Engagement? Patrick Warburton is pretty funny in it
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    Any Psych fans on here?


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