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    IDK, not a lot of choices of guys who I like where it'd be a surprise. Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne are the ones where it would be shocking where I actually like them. Either of them beating Orton would be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead View Post
    I think the more probable is Maddox beating Ryback with a roll up or something
    damn, it was right in front of us wasn't it?

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    I want to see Alex Riley getting a surprise victory over someone like Alberto Del Rio or The Big Show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubs View Post
    For me, I would love to see Tyson Kidd shock the world by beating CM Punk in a match. Have CM Punk proclaim himself the best wrestler to ever put on a pair of kick-pads, Tyson Kidd comes out and tells CM Punk that he may proclaim himself as the best in the world but he is not a better than the Hart Dungeon graduate named Tyson Kidd. CM Punk challenges Tyson Kidd to a match and tells Kidd that he'll give him his 15 minutes of fame only to eat a GTS and go back to being irrelevant. Tyson Kidd and CM Punk both put on a solid technical match but Tyson Kidd defeats CM Punk with a Wheelbarrow victory roll up as the crowd goes apeshit for Tyson Kidd. CM Punk looks PISSED, leaving the ring as the fans laugh at him.
    I would love to see that. I'm dying to see Tyson Kidd on TV. I'm dying to see him in a solid feud.

    Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan or vs Dolph Ziggler would also be something I would love to see.

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    I'd prefer someone from the 'undercard' to pick up the win over a main event guy, like have Bray Wyatt come in and beat Miz in a debut match, setting up a feud for a couple of months. But thats just me.
    If I had to pick an established midcarder, I'd actually go for Otunga over Sheamus. He's been used as a jobber for a while now, but in his past few appearances in the WWE he seems smoother, less botchy, sells well, and could be due for a bit of a push in the future. And after all the times he's taken White Noise, Cloverleaf, and Brouge Kick...I feel its only fair he gets a win.
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