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    Which mid-carder would you like to see score a win over a top main eventer?

    "The underdog picks up an upset victory! Who would have thunk it?!"

    In the WWE, there have been times where top mid-card wrestlers, lower-card wrestlers, and even jobbers have scored unexpected wins over a top main eventer. For instance, like Rob Van Damn beating Stone Cold in a match on Smackdown back in 2001, Jeff Hardy beating Triple H on Smackdown back in 2001 to become the Intercontinental champion, and also John Cena beating The Undertaker on Smackdown back in 2003.

    My question is simple. Which mid-card wrestler or lower-card wrestler would you like to see pick up an unexpected win over a top main eventer such as CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, or even Sheamus? It can be anyone from Hunico or from, say, Curt Hawkins.

    For me, I would love to see Tyson Kidd shock the world by beating CM Punk in a match. Have CM Punk proclaim himself the best wrestler to ever put on a pair of kick-pads, Tyson Kidd comes out and tells CM Punk that he may proclaim himself as the best in the world but he is not a better than the Hart Dungeon graduate named Tyson Kidd. CM Punk challenges Tyson Kidd to a match and tells Kidd that he'll give him his 15 minutes of fame only to eat a GTS and go back to being irrelevant. Tyson Kidd and CM Punk both put on a solid technical match but Tyson Kidd defeats CM Punk with a Wheelbarrow victory roll up as the crowd goes apeshit for Tyson Kidd. CM Punk looks PISSED, leaving the ring as the fans laugh at him.

    It would be one of the best unexpected wins in recent memory.
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