View Poll Results: Team Hell no or Kane as a monster heel, which one would you like to see right now?

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  • Team Hell No. Kane's monster heel character is boring.

    22 68.75%
  • Kane as a monster heel. He should be destroying people, not hugging them.

    10 31.25%
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    Well kane has shown in the past that hes capable of going to the goofy side with previous tag teams with xpac rvd and to an extent the undertaker and has always been capable of going back to his monster roots. Take his tag team with pac for instance, he treated him like his little brother and had his back much like he does with daniel bryan but as soon as xpac betrayed him and broke his trust kame put his wall back up and staryed shutting everyone out again this reverting back to his monster state. I really like the psychological aspect of these events and always enjoy it when he lets his guard down and lets another superstar in. Plus i really like the dynamic between team hell no and think the constant bickering just makes them closer as a team. And when they come together such as when they demolished the tag team division with chairs its really a sight to see


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