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    Lightbulb The Issue Of New/Old Titles

    I was thinking the other day (yeah, it hurt) and it occurred to me that the only reason WWE really introduced titles like the Hardcore title, Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight and European championship was because WCW was using a plethora of belts and having some decent success with it.

    It brought to my mind that WWE was way better when it had some real competition - and the only real competition they have ever had was in the form of WCW. For a long time WWE was playing catch up. With competition, there is always new ideas and new approaches to business. Without it, WWE is growing stale once more and becoming the 'sleeping giant' again; content with a full stomach after making a meal out of WCW and snacking on ECW, WWE is falling into a deeper and deeper slumber, content in the misjudgement that it is safe from harm.

    Don't get me wrong - I don't think TNA is a danger. At the current time. But if more and more fans become discontented with the product, they will defect to the nearest thing at hand. And tbh, all TNA needs is to (start) making a few good business decisions, have a bit of luck and WWE will wonder what the hell happened.

    You have been warned.


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