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    How I would have booked it - WWE (The return of my writing!)

    Hello everyone. You may remember me. You probably dont. But anyway ...

    Back in 2011, I created a thread called "How I would have booked it - WWE after Extreme Rules" (find it by searching after my username or thread name). A thread which I got really in to, but stopped writing due to the fact that I wasnt really enjoying it anymore.

    But now I have decided that I want to give it another shot!

    So I thought to myself ... Where do I start? After Survivor Series? Do I skip the rest of the year and start in 2013? No.

    I've decided to go back in time. Back to April. After Wrestlemania. Ignoring all the stuff that has been going on, on WWE TV, and using the current roster. Basically a fresh start. No storylines going on. No feuds and grudges going on. Just a fresh start.

    In the next post I will post the roster, the champions etc.

    I hope you will enjoy the thread! Look forward to the first episode!
    Remember to check out my thread - How I would have booked it - WWE after Extreme Rules. You can find it in the EWN Be the booker section


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