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    Take A Look Into My Crystal Ball

    Thought this might be an interesting topic, so, here are some of my predictions for the WWE for next 2-5 years. keep in mind, let's try and keep this to things you think WILL (at least fe happen, not things you WANT to happen (like sting vs taker)

    *seth rollins, corey graves, and dean ambrose will make the biggest impact of anyone currently in NXT. i think both rotunda's (bo dallas and bray wyatt) will make it, and be stars, but not on the level of the other 3.

    *cm punk will headline WM29 & WM30, then retire shortly after, possibly a retire match against a guy like rollins. once he leaves, he will be gone, no comeback matches, not legends contract, nada. just some best of cm punk dvds and hof.

    *neither cody rhodes or dolf ziggler will match their hype as top tier guys. both will be excellent performers for years to come, but will never be the top guy or draw.

    *cena will be around as long as hogan, but will never turn.

    *cesaro, sandow, and barrett are the next crop of main event heels. will turn out to be one of the best ever.

    *daniel bryan will continue to reinvent himself and will always be a main event/top storyline guy. he knows how to get over better than anyone on the roster today. he is like bret hart with a personality in the ring. and is in the short list of guys who can make any storyline great.

    *big show will retire after WM29 (VKM rewarded him with the strap recently for all of the years of service.)

    *Y2J will come back as his Lion Hart Chris Jericho persona.

    *the WWE Championship @ WHT wil unify bet is Orton will be the man.

    *Orton will turn and get back a lot of his old fans, and become the clear cut 1B in the company. If Cena would ever miss a considerable amount of time and off tv for awhile, orton will be 1.

    *VKM will eventually realize he has lost touch with the sports entertainment side and turn the reigns over to HHH.

    *HHH will revitalize sports entertainment and take us to the next classic era.

    Would love to see some other predictions you guys may have!!!


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