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    idea for ryback

    When ryback faced/destroyed brad maddox he then walked him up the ramp and threw him in an ambulance. Why make that a one and done ordeal? I say, before ryback makes an entrance, have an ambulance come out before. Then after he handily defeats his opponents he can throw them in the ambulance. I think this could give him a bit more of an edge and help with that "somebody is about to get fucked up persona that thwyre giving him. I mean they call him a juggernaut and he has a high impact move set. If you wanted to add a bit of realism to him as a dominant figure then you can make it look like hes legit hurting people. And i dont mean keep every superstar off the program for weeks aftetwards but make it seem like his opponents ned medical attention. It could also plau off previous reports of people not wanting to work with him for fear of getting hurt. And to my knowledge i dont think anyone has ever had a gimmick like this although i suppose its in the same vein of when orton started using the punt kick. What does the iwc think of this? Got a better suggestion? Are my ideas stupid and do you wish i would just quit posting stuff? Im honestly curious as to what you guys think on this as i myself actually really like this idea? COMMENT!


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