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    Stevie Richards Labels TNA An Indy With TV & Mo...

    Former WWE, ECW and TNA star and current Extreme Rising star Stevie Richards joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 55 minute interview, he talked about the latest tech news, his views on the Extreme Rising management and their efforts on events so far, if groups like ROH or Extreme Rising offer a true alternative to the WWE, using the ‘Stevie’ kick and people possibly no-selling the move, using social media in wrestling today, his thoughts on Shane Douglas and Raven in te...

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    Stevie Richards - "TNA Is An Indie With TV" - Thank you, Stevie

    Stevie Richards/Michael Manna's spiel on TNA/Extreme Rising, etc is excellent. Stevie/Michael Manna's been all through these organizations for years. He knows exactly what he's talking about - as he say, "I've got the paychecks to prove it if you want to see them."

    I'm glad to see people speaking truth about this stuff. Things don't move forward otherwise.


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