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    Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania

    Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin are two great legends, whom I believed should have had one match at Wrestlemania and I was wondering if this match were to happen who would you want to win or cheer for. Stone Cold Steve Austin the Texas Rattlesnake, the top star in the attitude era vs the deadman, the longest streak in Wrestlemania history. Who would you root for and want to win in a Wrestlemania match if a match had happened. If you want a year maybe instead of Stone cold Vs Rock and Undertaker Vs Triple H we had Stone Cold Vs Undertaker. So who would you be rooting for around that time.

    For me I would have gone for a Stone Cold Steve Austin win, I was a huge Stone Cold fan, so seeing him beat The Undertaker would have been really good.

    (I'm doing more of these threads, I have a bunch of match-ups and I would love to see your guys input on all of them)

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    I've heard a lot of rumors that this match was suppose to happen at Wrestlemania 16. They had a perfect opportunity to book this match at Wrestlemania X8 but I don't know why they didn't go with it. It's funny too because with all of the encounters Austin and Taker had back in 1998-1999 during the Attitude Era, they never wrestled each other at Wrestlemania.

    If these two had a match at Wrestlemania, I would root for The Undertaker. I respect both men for what they've done for the WWE and wrestling in general but I'm more of a Taker fan. Seeing Taker take a Stone Cold Stunner from Austin, kick-out from the Stone Cold Stunner, rise up, and hit Austin with a Tombstone to end the match would be a mark-out moment.
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    I'd be inclined to want Austin to win. BUt I'd expect a battle with lots of near falls and undertaker dominating most of the match...

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    having stone cold beat the undertaker wouldn't accomplish a thing IMO. taker's streak should only end if it's to push someone. not someone who would be coming back for one more match.

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    Taker. Cause he should never be defeated at Mania, not even by God or Rambo or Chuck Norris.
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