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    The problem is, they tried being an edgy company at one point and failed back in 2010. Hulk Hogan wanted to push the envelope during TNA's attempt at trying to compete with WWE's kid-friendly product in the ratings war by having more blood, violence, and also edgy storylines but that didn't increase their ratings nor did it gain them any exposure during the ratings war. They even tried bringing in former ECW wrestlers and forming a group called EV2.0 to get the older audience to get into their product but that didn't work at all either.
    Hogan's attempt was basically the pussy version of getting (supposedly) edgy. Better known as not trying TOO hard to go after the opposition lest it ruins a future job opportunity there. To really get edgy, they should have been mocking every time WWE screws something up (like storylines that don't make any sense or just end with no explanation), promising and delivering T&A and using "adult language" on the PPVs, and anything else that exploited how wimpy PG wrestling is. Especially since the WWE would have been in no position to fire back, since they were locked into PG via sponsorship deals.

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