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    Psychotic aggressive head punting (I know that's 'banned' now) Orton or cocky 'legend killer' Orton, as long as he's heel, I'm all for seeing an Orton push as long as he's heel.
    He simply sucks as a face, and he's been so boring since he turned face it's been unreal. I understand that he's super over as a face with the crowd, but he's not enjoying it, he's not entertaining, and he doesn't seem comfortable as a face somehow.

    To bring back the cocky gimmick: since Orton is older now, the legend killer gimmick wouldn't work with that name, since Orton himself is getting to the point where he's nearing legend status (he has won a lot of world titles). But how about tweaking it so that he now tries to take out newer stars as opposed to older ones?

    Bringing back the crazy psychotic gimmick would be easy.

    I look forward to seeing how they do the turn.


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